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Guerlain’s Lipstick Wardrobe

Guerlain's makeup artist shares secrets on how to perk up your pucker

5 25 2011

5 25 11

Rouge Automatique 212 872 2734

Every woman should have a staple wardrobe of lipsticks. If your closets are stocked with the perfect mix of classic and trend-worthy fashion pieces, there’s no excuse for neglecting your lipstick attire. Finding your perfect shade is as simple as shopping for a new outfit and it’s more closely aligned with fashion than you might think. When a woman comes to the Guerlain Boutique here to find a new lipstick, I’m not looking at her hair color, eye color or complexion…I’m looking at her shoes.

Well, I actually take in her whole outfit. If she’s carrying a bright handbag, sporting a big chunky belt, or wearing a perfectly tailored suit, these are all leading into different shade families. I try to get a feeling for the client’s personality; I’m going to find out what her profession is, what she likes to do after work and what types of places she likes to go. When I have an overall sense of her style and persona, then I know exactly what shades will look best on her.

There are always color rules to follow, of course. There are shades that certain complexions should always stay away from, but more often than not, women can pull off any lipstick shade as long as they feel comfortable and are not afraid of color. If you’re still nervous, try building your outfit around your lipstick for change instead of the other way around. Your lipstick should be your signature and your clothes can follow it, it’s about what you feel good wearing and what makes you feel beautiful.

Rouge Automatique 212 872 2734

I believe every woman should have a minimum of three shades per season: one natural shade for their day look, another for evening that punches up the color a bit and a third for a night out, which can be a red, a fuchsia or maybe a strong plum. From there, it’s always great to add a few others that can be interchanged, such as a brighter day shade for weekend brunch with friends.

For example, if you’re heading out for a group birthday dinner in your new couture shoes or any outfit that includes an animal print, go red or go home. A glamorous night out requires a true red with blue undertones. Try Rouge Automatique in #122 Liu.

If you’ve paired your new high-waisted flare jeans with a casual top and your day includes shopping and drinks, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color with a bright coral or pink. Rouge Automatique in #143 Nahema is an unabashed coral that is meant to be flaunted this summer and #164 Chamade is a fuchsia with coral undertone that flatters everyone.
The next time you are coming to Bergdorf Goodman to meet a new client for lunch at BG, stop by Guerlain and I’ll show you #100 Après L’Ondée, quite possibly the world’s most perfect mauve.

Rouge Automatique 212 872 2734

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