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Linda’s List

12 2 2011

Burberry Snowsuit, Mad et Len scents, MCL Bracelet, Graphic Image Dictionary, Tom Ford Lipstick, Eddie Borgo Bracelets

Let’s see… what am I thinking for holiday… eye-catching things… gifts to inspire…

Woodsy and amber  scented crystals and candles from Mad et Len (esp the Golden Needle scent), classic bitter orange potpourri from Agraria, anything emerald!! Vivier clutch and Lieber clutches.  MCL. TF red lipstick with a dash of his makeup and Jasmine Rouge — it’s wise to serve Tom Ford as a package. The Pologeorgis mink scarf in Yves Klein Blue. Eddie Borgo spikes…..stacks of horn bangles from Ashley Pittman, gorgeous leather and metallic bound dictionaries! Because sometimes it’s chic to still just pull a book off a shelf and look up a word the old fashioned way. A personalized glass oval paperweight from Bernard Maisner.  Also: I’m obsessed with the gold metallic Burberry snowsuit! Would make any baby look like a Jeff Koons sculpture! And why oh why can’t I resist that purple mink skull clasp Alexander McQueen clutch!!??

I’m sure there’s more I love…like the ebony and diamond message bangles from Jessica Kagan Cushman.  But sometimes it’s chic to pair things together and give the unexpected.

So let’s make things easy, here’s what’s on my gift-giving list:

Spisani Silent Waiter & Yoku Moku Cookie Cigars, 212 872 8872Cocktail Party

There’s something cheerful about a big bag of bold green limes paired with the piney taste of Artisinal Gin.  Make it over-the-top when you couple it with Spisani’s charming Silent Butler.  He’s exclusively ours and is sure to make any recipient smile.

For Your Man!

Single Malt Scotch with whiskey stones (so as not to dilute).  Sweeten him up with Yoku Moku’s Cigare au Lait  and assorted truffles from La Maison du Chocolat.  And if he’s keen for grooming, sneak Jack Black’s Core Collection into his monogrammed stocking.  And if you need help in the scotch department, I believe David Coggins has mused upon that.

Juliska Dinnerwear & Bergdorf Goodman tea, 212 872 8872Fargo’s Hungarian Family Feast

Delight your nearest and dearest with an intimate home-cooked feast! Depending upon the tempo, serve my family’s Hungarian Chicken Paprikash on Juliska’s Country Estate for informal occasions and on Hermes’ Bleux d’Ailleurs porcelain dinnerware when you need a dose of deco.  Also, in following with my Hungarian heritage, surprise the ladies of the table with Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary Mist

Spa at the Mandarin Oriental

Sometimes we just need to relax. Now this is perfect for friend who never pauses — nuzzle a card with Spa appointment to the Mandarin Oriental among a trove of calming delights like Cire Trudon’s Nazareth (love the clove, cinnamon, orange & olibanum combo), Bergdorf Goodman Blend Tea No 56, and Atelier Cologne’s deviously zesty Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolute.

Additional thoughts & ideas:

Gifts always feel better when they have that extra personal touch. So here are a few other ideas that may inspire…

Marie Belle Hot Chocolate — no kidding here, dark is the best!  And this idea is for the gentlemen: choose a starry night and treat your lady to a steaming mug of Marie Belle while you stroll down Fifth Avenue’s parade of Holiday Windows.  We once saw this sort of occasion evolve into a proposal

Linda Ornament — can I shamelessly self-promote here???? But really: make it a gift topper!  Plus, leopard YSL dress, Kors fox-trimmed coat and Nancy Gonzalez Linda Bag all are included!! In miniature size, of course.

Bernard Maisner Inscription — get personal, with a flourish! Bernard Maisner’s famous hand pens it beautifully.

Happy Holidays!
— Linda

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