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Introducing: Peter Pilotto

12 2 2011

Peter Pillotto 212 872 8747

A piece of London just landed on our Third Floor and I’m here to tell you: Run don’t walk! There is something special happening on the other side of the pond; something fresh, something colorful, conceptual and experimental. Let me tell you — the dynamic duo behind Peter Pilotto is doing it all.

They’re a new breed of young designers with a DNA all their own brimming with creativity and enthusiasm and ready to take on the globe. Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos aren’t afraid of anything. They push color, texture, digitized print work, textile design, and pattern play to the max to create something that is beyond your wildest kaleidoscope dream. “We’re so excited to have them on the floor. Their space is like a little burst of energy, the vibrant colors and patterns really pop” says Jamie Hunter, Buyer for Advanced Designer. This is their first resort collection and it is sure to light up your life!

Peter Pillotto 212 872 8747

Peter Pillotto 212 872 8747

Peter Pillotto 212 872 8747

Peter Pillotto 212 872 8747

Third Floor
212 872


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Images courtesy Peter Pillotto


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