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How to Dress like Spring When it’s Cold Outside

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Even the air feels different. That sudden shift in light… The longer days, bright nights. And even though it doesn’t feel like spring, we’re ready to shift from our drab black winter clothes into the brighter, lighter ones of spring. So how to do this when temperatures hover in the 40s and low 50s? Well, it doesn’t involve bare legs or pairing your puffer coat with sandals.  Here are our five easy tips on how to dress for spring when it’s still cold outside:


    • Switch up your polish — Changing from matte black to bright Essie blue will easily lighten your day. Keep nails short in professional settings.



    • Consider colored jeans — Perhaps one of the easiest ways to dress for spring while staying warm: colored jeans. And with Denim Defined just weeks away, you have endless possibilities. Go bold in red or bright yellow or even possibly prints. (212 872 2877)


    • Learn the head wrap — Nothing feels more wintry mix than a fur trapper or skull cap… So glamour things up by wrapping a silk scarf ’round your head (Hermes is our favorite, 212 872 8869). It keeps your ears warm while adding a dose of mystery to your look — particularly when paired with vintage-feeling shades like Anna-Karin Karlsson’s (212 872 2601).


    • Lighten your load — Have you reviewed your bag contents lately?  Chances are you probably could do without those extra five granola bars and $5.67 in pennies.  Once you’ve slimmed down, switch things up with a brighter, bolder bag.  This spring we have our eyes on the Fendi Baguette (212 872 2577), as well as the oversized clutches from Clare Vivier, McQ, Khirma Eliazov and Hunting Season (212 872 8901).


See? That wasn’t too hard. No bare legs. No feeling like a freezing idiot. And you’ve got some fresh new ways to dress for yet another frigid spring season.
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