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Hidden Gem:

Discover our Beauty Level oasis

4 1 2011

Here’s a little known fact about Bergdorf’s Beauty Level: Tucked away in the lower level of Bergdorf Goodman, our Beauty Level boasts nine, beautifully appointed spa rooms that offer complimentary facials, skincare consultations, and special treatments. True story!

I recently retreated to the ReVive spa room and I was blown away! During my 30-minute visit with Yelena, ReVive’s Head Aesthetician, I indulged in a much-needed, rejuvenating facial. As Yelena prepped and pampered I peppered her with questions….and even kept my iPhone voice memo on “record” as to not miss a single morsel of information! When given the opportunity to pick the brain of a skin care vet with 34 years of expertise, I’m on it! Naturally I am bursting at the seams to share Yelena’s skin care wisdom with you:

Yelena’s tips:

1) Start a preventative skin care routine in your 20’s. Don’t wait until the signs of aging are present.

2) Always apply a nourishing serum before your moisturizer. The serum acts as a delivery system and helps to intensify the ingredients within the moisturizer.

During my visit I learned that ReVive offers a comprehensive line of skin care products designed to treat skin at all ages and stages (i.e. acne, anti aging, excessive dryness, etc.).  When asked to recommend a single ReVive product as an introduction to the line, Yelena responded: Moisturizing Renewal Cream. In true Beauty Girl fashion, I asked an inquisitive “why” (I love getting to the nitty gritty of skin care) and here’s what I’ve learned:

Moisture Renewal Cream contains a tolerable level of Glycolic Acid (an organic exfoliant and one of my favorite skin care ingredients) that helps to continuously renew skin and improve texture without the residual flakiness and dryness that is sometimes associated with Glycolic products.  The cream also contains Vitamin E to improve firmness.

Stay tuned as I continue my tour of the Beauty Level and indulge in more treatment offerings. Next up, we’re visiting Sulwhasoo, Korea’s number one skin care brand and a BG exclusive. In the meantime, I highly recommend that you visit ReVive and get on Yelena’s calendar…stat!

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