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Heather Payne’s Fittest NYC Secrets

11 9 2011

You know how we love our New York City Secrets… today, in honor of this Sunday’s 5F Fitness event, health guru and edgy activewear designer Heather Payne shares her Healthy Living NYC Secrets with 5th/58th.

Legend Jacket, 212 872 8967Excercise

Pilates — I love the mat classes at Equinox and usually go to their location at 10th Ave and 17th street. They have a great pilates room that has floor to ceiling windows giving you a great view of the NYC highline while you workout.

Yoga StudioPURE worth travelling uptown (as I live in the West Village). It’s a beautiful studio with top notch instructors. They have a huge variety of classes, from traditional yoga to special classes like Yoga For Two (mom and baby) to Figure 4 (an intense bar workout).

Heather recommends wearing: Black Legend Jacket with Black Emerge Legging (212 872 8967)

Endure Sweatshirt, 212 872 8967

Post-Work out Refresh

Blue Print Cleanse — I am a huge fan of this cleanse. They deliver to just about anywhere or you can pick up their juices at various locations. I usually do the 5-Day cleanse ( the most intense one). Great for detoxing after the holidays or just as a general pick me up and start fresh on a healthy routine. I find it is the perfect reset to getting back on track to a healthier lifestyle.  Be sure to meet with the BP team this Sunday and get to know more about their incredible (and delicious) juices!

Juice BarElixir. I am an Equinox Junkie so this juice bar (located in many of it’s clubs) is my go-to for a post workout fuel up. I also love City Chowfor a quick bite post workout.

Heather recommends wearing: Endure Sweatshirt with Perform Flare Pant (212 872 8967)

Black PAYNE Legging with Bold Skirt 212 872 8967Restaurant

Blue Hill is fabulous farm-to-table restaurant. Fresh, healthy inventive dishes. They have a Greenwich Village location. If you ever get the chance to get out of the city you can visit Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Westchester, their sister restaurant and the beautiful farm and agriculture center.

Heather recommends wearing: Black PAYNE jacket & Black Drop stitch sweater with Bold Skirt and Black Payne Legging (212 872 8967)

Grey Warrior Jacket 212 872 8967

Out & About

Hudson River Park. I live on the west side to often will walk and run up and down the path that runs all the way down to battery city. Bonus = you can catch the sunset over the water and in summer the piers are brimming with activity and quite often free fitness classes.  I also love Central Park. Especially this time of year. The air is crisp and the leaves have all changed. So peaceful. Could walk forever there.

Heather recommends wearing: Black Payne tee with Grey Warrior Jacket and black Valiant Legging (212 872 8967)

Renown jacket and prevail legging 212 872 8967Warm up

T-Salon is my go-to for a relaxing cup of tea. Coffee is not really my thing… I have enough energy as it is!

Heather recommends wearing:  Black Renown jacket with black Prevail legging (212 872 8967)

Blaze Dress and Champion Jacket 212 872 8967For the fridge

Chelsea Market (they have a great fresh fish market!!) and Union Square Outdoor Farmers Market for groceries…

Heather recommends wearing: the Blaze dress with Champion jacket (212 872 8967)

212 872 8967

5F Fitness
Join us for an afternoon of renewal, wellness and beauty
Heather Payne presenting her contemporary activewear collection
Beauty consultants by Kiehl’s and Chantecaille
Blue Print Cleanse

John Barrett Braid Bar

Heather Payne Heather Payne is the visionary and creative force behind the PAYNE activewear collection.  Before creating PAYNE, she enjoyed the good fortune of a career as a successful model.  She has walked the runways for top-tier designers and appeared in a diverse range of advertising campaigns from Gianfranco Ferre to Dolce & Gabbana.  She even has appeared in creative pieces for Bergdorf Goodman. While traveling the globe for work, Payne soon realized that her career as a model had become a lifestyle.  She was on the go 24-7 and needed a brand that could keep up with her active pace.  She soon discovered there was a gap in the market for high fashion clothes that also performed.  Her passion for original designs, great fit and superior quality led her to start building a brand that catered to her needs — and the PAYNE collection was born.