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Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette

Guest blog post from Guerlain's Jason Beers

An eyeshadow how-to

8 3 2011

The BG Beauty Girls all agree — Jason’s beauty wisdom is positively irresistible. And with fall beauty beginning to bleep across our radar screen, we thought we’d ask Jason to share his thoughts on fall eye shadows and offer a few expert tips on how to apply.

 Buckle up as we shift to the passenger side and let Jason do the steering.


It’s 90 degrees and incurably humid, but when August rolls around, like the rest of the makeup-obsessed, I only have fall beauty on the brain. It happens to be my favorite time of the year because the social season is upon us and women embrace more intense shades and rich makeup palettes to compliment their gowns. Many of my clients come to me with pictures of their dress (or the actual dress, which is even better) and I am granted the “go ahead” to create the glamorous looks for which I am known.

Upon first perusal of our fall collection I was immediately reminded of why I love my job so much: Nine new eye shadow palettes with gorgeous jewel-tones and strong pigmentation – it’s a makeup artist’s dream!

As gorgeous as these palettes look, they feel even better. The powder texture is so silky it borders on creamy. The shades have incredible staying power…and what women will love the most is how buildable each shade is. Color that’s “buildable” means that a woman can continue to slowly tailor her eye makeup to create the exact amount of intensity she desires. When applying makeup at home, a lot of women lack the confidence to really go for it the way a professional makeup artist might. The beauty of our palette design is in the ease of use.

I am delighted to share with you my personal step-by-step on how to get the most out of your Guerlain Ecrin 4 Coleurs Eye Shadow Palette — however you must promise me this: Try not to get too good at it on your own …I don’t want to put myself out of a job. OK? Pinky swear? Alright, let’s get started!

1: No matter which palette you are working with, always start with the lightest shade. Apply it all over the entire lid and up to the eyebrow. Make sure you are using an eye shadow brush. The oils from your finger can alter the powders, so to best preserve your palette, put down your finger and pick up a brush.

2: Using the second lightest shade, apply it again over the entire lid but stopping at the top of the lid. Women often ask “what’s the point of overlapping the shades?” I explain that when you overlap shades, they not only stay on longer but they have stronger pigmentation and blend in a more natural way.

3: With the third shade, which is the second darkest, start on the outer corner of your eye (always the outer eye so that the darkest pigment is on the outer corner) and brush inward half way across the lid.

4: With the darkest shade start in the same outer corner and just touch the outer lid area on top. On the bottom, sweep the shade across the lash line and tailor the intensity to the level of drama you want to create. The overlapping effect of the two last shades will really bring out the pearlescent, multi-dimensional effect of the two shades and this is true for all nine shadow palettes.

5: We’re all done. Wasn’t it easy?!


Jason’s Tips for Dressing Up:

For your big galas and fancy fall events, I cannot stress enough — draw inspiration from your gown. Bring me any outfit for any occasion and I can show you how your makeup can celebrate your clothing. It’s not about being “ matchy matchy”, it’s about complementary colors that enhance the beauty of your makeup and your ensemble simultaneously.


Don’t wait for fall event invitations to arrive before planning your fall beauty repertoire. The Guerlain Fall Colour Collection is in-store…and Jason eagerly awaits the opportunity to offer you a personalized, one-of-a kind, fall beauty experience.

Schedule a little QT with our beloved Jason: 212.872.2734


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