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Gifts Most Welcome: A Gentleman’s Guide To What She Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

2 2 2012

Annina Vogel Charm Necklace, 212 872 2518

Valentine’s Day is near at hand—yet again—and it’s time for the good men of the world to get their act together. Restaurant reservations are filling up, theater tickets are hard to come by, so you need a savvy strategy to make her happy. Another cashmere scarf is not going to get the job done, nor is a bunch of roses that arrives suspiciously late in the day. Let’s stop thinking about the path of least resistance and start thinking about what she really wants.

Sydney Evan Bracelets, 212 872 2851

And that’s going to lead you into the jewelry department (call them, they know what they’re talking about: 212 872 2851). For many men, it’s not always a comfortable place Annina Vogel Charm Necklace, 212 872 2518to be. But it is for women—both anecdote and statistics indicate that women want jewelry whenever the occasion arises—any occasion.

So, how do you get something that manages to be tasteful, celebratory, even a bit indulgent? Consider the Annina Vogel necklace with vintage gold charms (right, 212 872 2851). You can add a charm on your next special occasion and you can develop a little history of your relationship. Ippolita Earrings, 212 872 2851Or, in a whimsical touch, skip the necklace and put a charm on a ribbon. Earrings? Indeed. Ippolita has a nice pair in silver with a little color tossed in (left, 212 872 2851). If you suspect she’s in the mood for something in playful, and she probably is, try a pair of Herve Van Der Straeten.

A lot of jewelry doesn’t just imply love, it literally spells it out (Sydney Evan necklace or Vogel charm). Some women respond favorably to such a direct approach, and Valentine’s Day is the day to indulge them. And if you want to step into the deep end there’s a Yossi gold and diamond cuff  (below, 212 872 2851) that will keep you out of the doghouse for a long time.

Yossi Harari Gold & Pave Cuff, 212 872 2851

Shoes are tricky business. But would a woman complain if she received a pair of striking Louboutin heels? No, she would not. In fact, she would tell her friends with pride what a wonderful man you are, while inspiring a healthy dose of envy. The same can be said of a smart Alexander McQueen clutch, a fragrance from Creed or Tom Ford, or an evening at the ballet. Once you start down the devoted path you realize just how many good options there are. So no excuses, lads, this Valentine’s Day put your best foot forward and then accept the gratitude you’re due. After all, your thoughtfulness makes it look like you’ve been planning all year long.

Sydney Evan Love Bracelet, 212 872 2851

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David CogginsDAVID COGGINS is a regular contributor to Art in America and Artnet.  His work has also appeared in InterviewModern PaintersThe Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal.  He is currently working on a book for Taschen.  This holiday season, Mr Coggins will be elaborating upon the perilous art of gift giving with his weekly Gifts Most Welcome series here on 5th/58th.  In addition, he’s our in-house scribe and usual tumblr contributor.

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