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Friday Night Lashes

A how-to on faux fringe

Tips for precise application

12 23 2011

Admittedly not our thing for the daily 9 to 5,¬† a “meet the parents” moment, or Sunday morning brunch with the girls, but on occasion — let’s say a Friday night “paint-the-town-red” situation¬† — we absolutely, positively favor faux fringe. And while we wholeheartedly acknowledge that fake lashes often come across as, well, fake – we’ve got “natural” down to a science.


For added length and flirty flutter that gets noticed in a good way, we recommend strategically impactful, yet slightly understated lashes like Laura Mercier Center Lashes. The light as air, feminine lash offers a subtle graduation of center length that gives eyes a delicate lift. Follow our lash application wisdom for softly transformed eyes:

1. Select the appropriate lash type for your eye. We like Laura Mercier Center Lashes because the faux lash leaves room for your natural lashes to fill in the spaces, thus creating a natural blend of faux and real lashes.

2. Measure the lash against your natural lash line. Make sure it fits from end to end. If the lash is too long, use tiny nail scissors to trim the lash band to fit.

3. Apply a thin strip of glue. Use enough to coat the lash from end to end. Allow roughly 20 seconds for glue to dry. When glue feels tacky to the touch, your lash is ready to be applied. If you go to apply the lash and it slides, rather than adhering, your glue is not ready. Give it a few more seconds to thicken a bit. In this situation, “tacky” is good!

4. Position lash at your natural lash line and evenly place the strip from end to end.

5. Now press the lash into place. Then tap the lash upward slightly to enhance the curl.

6. Repeat with second lash.

7. Go back to first lash and apply a light coat of mascara at the base of false lash and real lash to merge the two.

8. Use a black or dark brown pencil liner to fill in the space between the attached lash and inner tear duct. This creates a seamless transition at the lash line.

8. Voila! Subtle impact…and it can be our little secret.


Need hands-on assistance? Hot date tonight?

Our lash experts are here to help. Book a Laura Mercier lash bar appointment.

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Visit the beauty level to peruse the many lash options at Laura Mercier. And while there, take in the fall collection — “Canyon” — a lush, earthy collection inspired by burning sunsets of ambered gold, green foliage and rustic copper canyons.