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Founder Patti Pao Explains Why We Love Restorsea

Restorsea's founder shares their beauty secret

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Restorsea, the newest treatment line to hit the Beauty Level, is a bit of a runaway hit with the girls around the office. We were all immediately drawn to the simple, non-irritating skincare system that delivers lightening-fast results. Patti Pao, Restorsea’s founder, sat down with our Beauty Editor to chat Restorsea and get to the bottom of why we love it so much.

The secret to Restorsea was discovered when you visited Norway’s largest salmon hatchery. When did you know you were on to something big? As soon as I saw the workers’ hands, I knew I had found a miracle. Their hands, which were submerged in water all day, looked like they were 20 years old while their faces looked like their actual ages of 40+ years.

Who’s the ideal candidate for Restorsea?  That is a great question.  My original target market was women like myself:  40+ years, with oily, but reactive skin that was prone to cystic acne, slight lines and wrinkles; women who suffered from uneven skin tone and rough texture. I was hugely (and happily) surprised to not only attract this group, but also women 24-32. And now, for the first time in the 25 years that I have been creating products, I am receiving fan mail from men who claim they are “fighting their wives for the Day Cream and Eye Cream” and that I need to “create a line of skincare products called Restormen.”

We’re very much aware of the benefits of Glycolic Acid for refining skin’s texture, but you’ve stated that Restorsea is better then Glycolic. Can you expand on this? I learned of Glycolic Acid in the late 80’s while working for a leading cosmetic company.  Glycolic Acid was so exciting because it provided similar effects of Retin A but with significantly less side effects.  But as you know, glycolic acid works by chemical burning the dead and live skin cells, exposing the new fresh skin cells and thereby causing redness, peeling, flaking skin that is sensitive to light. Our enzyme is unique in that it provides the same effects as Glycolic Acid but without the side effects.  When baby salmon are born they need to release the enzyme in order to get out of their shell.

Mother Nature is really quite amazing as this enzyme has two components:  a protein and an exfoliant.  The protein attaches itself to a specific area of dead skin cells (in this case, the egg shell) and acts as a marker for the exfoliant.  The exfoliant then eats the dead skin cells marked by the protein.  Once it has finished digesting the specific area of dead skin cells, it turns itself off.  This enables the baby salmon to exit the opening in the egg shell carved out by the enzyme and swim away unharmed. When applied on human skin, the protein affixes itself to the dead skin cells and the exfoliant eats the dead skin cells and, when finished, turns itself off.  It takes time for the enzyme to work its way through the built up layers of dead skin and so it takes 12 weeks to achieve maximum results.

Your line is fairly new, but we’re curious – has a hero product emerged?  Our hero products are our Rejuvenating Day Cream and Revitalizing Eye Cream.  We realized very early in the launch that we needed to change user behavior, because we found customers were not using the product long enough for it to work. The enzyme needs time to work; approximately 12 weeks.  As a result, all of our marketing materials, website and the June BG Catalog ad will explain the need for 12 week usage AND, if the user conforms to the usage instructions and is not completely delighted with the look of her skin, we will refund her purchase price.  We have found that once users stick with us for the 12 week period they become devoted and loyal clients.  They not only see the difference in their skin but they receive compliments from their friends and family.

Thank you, Patti!

Meet Patti Pao

Beauty Level, 212 872 8819

Wednesday, May 15

5:00pm – 7:00pm