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Back to Beauty Basics: Foundation Selection

We show you how

6 13 2011

6 13 11

We admit to a love/ hate relationship with foundation.

While we covet the appearance of poreless, perfectly flawless, blemish-free complexion, often times, we begrudgingly opt for foundation. For many women, the thought of wearing foundation conjures up memories of a dear auntie or beloved grade school teacher who overindulged in creamy camouflage…Perhaps the face was a totally different shade from the neck….Maybe the finish was heavy and cakey. Whatever the reason, we find ourselves emotionally scarred when it comes to wearing foundation. Well let the healing begin as we walk you through the how-to’s of complexion perfection.

Choose wisely

Foundation is widely available in several forms, most commonly:

Powder: Works well for oily and acne-prone skin because it helps control oil production

Cream: Ideal for dry/ mature skin because rich texture also provides hydration

Liquid: Works well for most skin types, particularly in an oil-free formula

Shade selection

Pick the shade that matches so perfectly it disappears into skin once applied.









Cover your bases


Choose foundation coverage based on skin’s needs. Most women require a little coverage here and there,   so a full coverage formulation will suffice and adjust to meet your coverage needs. Before your form a revolt at the idea of full coverage, consider this: Full coverage gives you the option to increase coverage where you need it and decrease coverage where you do not. This ultimately leads to a convincingly natural finish.

While selecting tinted moisturizer is tempting because the formulation is pretty much fool proof, tinted moisturizers are (generally) not particularly build-able, which can make it challenging to achieve increased coverage in areas that need a little, ahem, assistance (like: blemishes, uneven patches, sun spots, brown spots, etc).

Ready, set, set!

For long-wear staying power, always remember to set your foundation with a loose powder. This also helps to control shine.


Our Social Media Beauty Editor, Felicia, took a quick trip to the Kevyn Aucoin counter on the Beauty Level to have her foundation expertly matched. Follow along this evening on Twitter as Felicia conducts a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply foundation.


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