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FNO Exclusive: Lavande

StyleIt's Sarah Conley tests our signature polish from Lé Métier de Beauté

9 8 2010

Presenting Ten Exclusive Products
for the Ten Days until Fashion’s Night Out
Day 8

FNO Exclusive - Lavande by Le Metier de Beaute 212 872 8612

I’ll never forget it – the sensation I felt when I carried my first shopping bag from Bergdorf Goodman. Something about the store’s signature dusky lavender colored bags signifies that you are a woman to be reckoned with – you’re in a league of your own. Naturally, when I was offered the opportunity to take a sneak peek at one of Bergdorf’s Fashion’s Night Out exclusives, how could I resist?

Especially for Bergdorf Goodman customers, Lé Métier de Beauté has developed BG Lavande. On September 10th, from 3-7pm Lé Métier de Beauté will be celebrating the debut of BG Lavande with celebrity manicurists giving the special BG Lavande touch at the Lé Métier de Beauté counter.

photo by Lesley Forrester

To create my own special BG Lavande look, I added Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Flatline, a matte topcoat. It gave the polish an interesting, almost satin-like finish. Whether matte or super shiny, this polish is a thing of beauty and a worthy tribute to a New York institution.

Does BG Lavande strike your fancy? Will you be making the trip uptown to get your own bottle?
Get yours during Fashion’s Night Out!

Thanks, Sarah, for the great post!
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