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Florence Diaries: Tosco Ticciati

8 3 2012

 Tosco Ticciati

Jane and Jen, two of our Decorative Home Buyers from the Seventh Floor, share highlights from their recent trip to Florence.

This week see the manufacturing behind Tosco Ticciati..

Tosco Ticciati creates our semi-precious stone boxes using a Tuscan tradition that began in 1588.  It’s always so fascinating to see how raw materials and semi-precious stones evolve into the shining objects you find on the Seventh Floor.  Never in your life would you imagine that our sleek, brightly-colored boxes of emerald green or deep purple began as rough stone blocks.  It really makes you appreciate the true craftsmanship involved.

Tosco Ticciati, 212 872 8787

Tosco Ticciati, 212 872 8787

Tosco Ticciati, 212 872 8787

Tosco Ticciati, 212 872 8787

The factory is located about an hour southwest of Florence, in Tuscany.  There’s this beautiful orchard tucked away in the back, sneaking up the side of this little hill where we stopped for an afternoon snack. We took such delight in their fresh apricots, strawberries and grapes!  Such a treat… but not quite as exhilarating as trying on a limited-edition pair of malachite pumps!

- Jennifer

Tosco Ticciati, 212 872 8787

TOSCO TICCIATI Amethyst Box, 212 872 8787

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