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Fashion Math: InCircle

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Math never was our strongest subject here at 5th/58th…. (we tended to nurture a higher aptitude for those Liberal Arts classes that encouraged us to pursue our dreams in beauty and fashion writing).

Fashion Math, however, is a totally different field, and it’s something that we understand intimately.  In other words, Fashion Math expands upon theories such as simple Sale Division and cost/wear (ie: a $800 pair of boots worn ten times = $80) to more niche areas of study like InCircle Calculations.

InCircle leads to a cheerful bit of multiplication that, simply put, means shop during our Fall InCircle Bonus Point Event and you’ll automatically receive a $100 gift card every time you receive 10,000 InCircle Points.  Here’s how it works:

Earn 4 InCircle Points for every dollar spent when you use your Bergdorf Goodman card
Tabitha Simmons Wicked Boots = 5,980 InCircle Points
Leather Valentino Cape = 32,000 InCircle Points

Therefore, Tabitha Simmons Boots + Valentino Leather Cape = Helmut Lang Slack Jersey Dress & Kelly Wearstler Earrings

Valentino Cape + Tabitha Simmons Booties = Helmut Lang & Kelly Wearster

Earn 6 InCircle Points for every dollar spent on Jewelry when you use your Bergdorf Goodman card
Points add up.  Particularly when it comes to jewelry.

Yossi Harari 111th Anniversary Collection Cuff = 537,000 InCircle Points


Yossi Harari 111th Anniversary Collection Cuff = Kelly Wearstler Metallic Trenchcoat, Stretch Leather Leggings from The Row, Valentino Studded BootsTom Ford velvet clutch and YSL Nail Lacquer.

Yossi Harari = Kelly Wearstler, The Row, Valentino, Tom Ford & YSL

If this equation pleases you, be sure to visit our Main Floor to meet jewelry designers like Joseph Murray, Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio, Paul Morelli, Yossi Harari (of the aforementioned equation) and Meredith Frederick to see just how far your InCircle points will take you.

And, if you’re not yet familiar with InCircle, check it out.  It has all sorts of nifty perks for the Bergdorf Goodman enthusiast — from complimentary shipping to an automatic subscription to our quarterly Bergdorf Goodman magazine.

Join InCircle Today


See Who’s Coming

Do the equation:
See how far your InCircle math adds up for a chance to win a Bergdorf Goodman Anniversary iPhone Case!
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