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Facing the Faces

Our tips on how to best submit to Faces of 5F

6 8 2011

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Let me begin by sharing a teeny little secret: you’re one step closer to becoming the Face of 5F.  That’s right: we’re looking for the next stars of our 5F Fall ad campaign.  Oh, and did I mention? This little campaign will be featured in Lucky Magazine’s October issue.  But you already knew that, didn’t you. Apologies: I digressed.  So let me begin. Officially.  If you haven’t yet entered Faces of 5F but have been kind of, sort of considering it, this your lucky day.  Because I’m going to share insider tips on how to submit with an edge.

First, to be entirely honest, what the judges are not looking for: models. So, if you’re signed with an agency, please understand that we want to let others experience what you experience.  If you’re no longer a model but think it’s easiest to submit old photos from your book, don’t… because we’ll automatically assume you’re currently signed and will disregard your entry.

The truth is, we’re looking for fresh faces — people who are unique, confident and representative of 5F.  You can be any size, any height, any nationality* et cetera.  So long as your genuine, we’re interested. And that’s why, dear readers, I’ve decided to share some tips on how to make your entry stand out.

Simplify & be honest

I’ve interviewed a lot of designers for our 5 Questions video series.  The number one thing I remind them is to be sincere and keep their answers simple.  Consider answering your 5 Questions the same way: we (the judges) have a lot of entries to review. Keep your first four answers short while remembering that we’re trying to grasp who you are with a just a few words.  So if your true style icon is your mom circa 1973 to 1976, use that as your answer.  Just because it sounds right doesn’t mean it’s the right answer.

5 Questions

The final question can and should be long-ish.  Voice who you truly are.  And, if you need tips, BG writer David Coggins is sharing exemplary answers on The Swipe (note: Coggins is not a judge; so being featured on The Swipe does not mean that you will be a semi-finalist.  It just means that we think you’re one inspirational wordsmith).  We like wit and genuine enthusiasm.  If you have your own BG story, share it.  We can be pretty sentimental here.

Clean & Focused







Fact: we want to see you and only you. Not the beach. Not you with your best friend and your best friend’s parakeet.  And so, submit a face shot: we want to see your face. Now, take a few minutes to stand against a neutral wall and ask your friend to snap a quick picture.  Honestly: the ones we took for the floor’s Faces of 5F installation took seconds and each girl looked incredible.

Jen HeadshotDoesn’t Linda’s assistant Jen look darling?
Seriously: took just a few seconds to snap this

When it comes to the full-length photo, we need to see your full silhouette. So please: no photos of you crouching down and no funny picture of you doing hand-stands (yes: we will be impressed by your yogi talents but we won’t know how clothes fit you when they’re succumbing to gravity).  Haphazard shots that obscure your figure only will decrease your chances of becoming a semi-finalist.  And, like your head shot, your full-length photo should be against a neutral (ie: pale) background.  It gets really difficult to try to imagine how you’ll look in Look #2 when there’s something in the foreground, hiding your waist.

Finally, we request color photos for a reason: we need to know what you truly look like.  And I get it: black & white photos are glamorous and they have this funny ability to make your skin look impossibly dewy… but we want to see your green eyes, your toffee-colored skin, your auburn hair… that’s what we’re interested in.  So why downplay the features that make you distinct?


To make things even easier for you, here’s an example of what’s best to submit & what…. isn’t


Headshot Full-length
Roxanne is winning: not only can we see her face, but that little tilt reveals a hint of edgy attitude.
Plus I’m jonesing for her black braided necklace… wonder if she got it on 5F…?



Yeah…. this just isn’t helpful. Face covered, silhouette obscured & cut off…
Plus, I’m kind of wanting friend on the left to enter.
A submission like this only will hurt you


So, to recap:


— Simple, sincere answers. Be witty but don’t try too hard.
— Keep your photos simple. Don’t distract us with noisy backgrounds & don’t obscure your silhouette.

And, in the words of Douglas Adams, don’t panic: if you’ve already submitted your entry, we won’t hold it against you.  Every entry has inspired and charmed us… thank you for all of the smiles! Seriously.

Oh, and if you really want to put your best face forward, our beauty editor Felicia is sharing tips right here.




Good luck. Hope to see your picture soon. And if you have any questions, you know how to reach me.




Entering Cheat Sheet:
— Click on the Faces of 5F tab on our Facebook Page
— You’ll immediately be taken to the about page which features instructions and entries
— Just below the black box at the top, you’ll see About, Enter, Judges, Official Rules; click on Enter
— You’ll then be asked to complete the profile questions – complete them fully and be sure to enter a proper email address
— After the profile is complete, you’ll move on to our 5 Questions – this is your opportunity to impress us with your words.  See above if you forgot our tips.
— Photos follow 5 Questions.  Upload a face shot & a full-length shot.  We want to see you; not your holiday photos.
— After you’ve submitted your photos, you’ll get a confirmation pop-up. This will alert you to be on the look-out for an email from – once you’ve received that email, you must click on the link to confirm your entry.  If you don’t receive the email after a day or so, check your spam folder… you may just finding it hiding there.

Ready to give it your best shot?
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*well, you must be a US or Canadian citizen