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Emmy Rossum Talks Beauty and Restorsea

Actress, singer-songwriter, and Restorsea devotee Emmy Rossum drops by 5th/58th to talk beauty, share unconventional skincare wisdom and give us the low down on her best makeup tip ever. Read on. . .

You have access to some of the best skin care in the world, what attracted you to Restorsea?

I actually got Restorsea in a gift bag.  I am such a beauty junkie that I have to try everything. I loved that it was a natural product, but in the past I have found natural products don’t always work.  When I tried Restorsea, I could feel an immediate difference in my skin from the first time I used it. As I continued to use it and switched exclusively to it, I could notice that my skin was more hydrated and firmer and just kind of more glowy. So that’s why I fell in love with the line.

What’s your favorite Restorsea product and why? 

I love the eye cream. I have always been obsessed with eye creams and trying different eye creams because I really think that as an actor, people are looking at your eyes for a source of feeling and emotion. I use the eye cream and the face cream everyday without fail.

Share an unconventional skin care tip that has nothing to do with an actual skin care product?

I got really good advice from Patti Pao, who is the founder of Restorsea, and she told me that you have to splash your face 30 times while you’re cleansing. And I often find that I don’t splash enough. We just think that we’re blessed to have clean water, but if you splash many times it will help to take that layer of dirt off.

When your skin is feeling overworked, how do you hit the reset button? 

After a long night of filming I use the Revitalizing Eye Cream — cold. Straight out of the fridge! It brightens my face and wakes me up. I also love BeautyCounter’s collection of Face Oils, which I add to my moisturizer when my skin is very dry.

You must work with top makeup artists all the time, surely you’ve picked up one or two beauty tips you’d love to share?

I always buy those days-of-the-week medical pill cases, and then I’ll cut off the tops of my lipsticks and press it into them. So instead of having to pack lipsticks for the week, I just travel with the case and a little lip brush.