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Designer Dispatch: Johnson Hartig goes to India

Libertine's designer shares his Fall 2013 Inspiration

I’m incredibly moved and inspired by the India’s dedication to overt decoration on everything — including 18-wheeler trucks and utilitarian tractors.

It makes driving across the country of India exhilarating and fun and entertaining and gorgeous……it becomes its very own adventure discovering endless inspiration.  During my last trip there over the holidays I bought an great jumble of the truck decorations and am applying them to my Fall 2013 Collection.  Right now a super party skirt is totally covered with them.  It’s fun.  India really is the most magically elegant place…one can’t help but see the world differently after having been there….

— Johnson Hartig


Always whimsical and fun, Johnson Hartig’s Libertine ready-to-wear collection mixes Hartig’s artistic sensibility with classic silhouettes.  Often reworking vintage pieces, Libertine is known for its revolutionary approach to deconstructing what once was and presenting it an entirely new (and often embellished) light.  To wear Libertine is to wear artistry and happiness.
Watch the Spring 2013 Video

Meet Johnson Hartig as he presents the Libertine Collection
Thursday, January 17
3rd Floor
212 872 2598