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Our Thoughts: Creed Royal-Oud

Surprisingly modern

7 15 2011

Characteristically woody with heady, complex blends of tobacco, incense, and other smoldering attributes, Oud is not generally known for its wearability. It is an acquired scent, to say the least. However, the deep, dark, richly intense scent of Middle Eastern origin is experiencing a modern revival. Palatable blends of spicy pink pepper, cedar, aromatic green, pink berry, bergamot, and Calabrian lemon create an Oud composition that is not only easily wearable, but also appropriate for the unisex scent seeking sect.

Inspired by the natural traits of wood, leather, marble, and gold found in a royal Persian palace, Creed Royal-Oud, offers the wearer a serene escape into the grandeur of palace life — “days and nights amid sculpted and textured marbles, fragrant and gleaming carved woods, hand tooled leathers and exquisite gold”.

Creed’s interpretation of traditional Oud boasts a regal base, with surprisingly harmonious elements of modernity.


212 872 2729


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