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Cozy Up Your Apartment with these 3 Steps

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Let’s face it: the dreary, dark and dull of Old Man Winter has us bundled up in our apartments watching everything on DVR.  Instead of attempting to fight the air’s chilling bite, embrace staying in by creating your own cozy retreat.

A few homey pieces can go a long way in our New York City apartments. Follow our 3 easy steps to keep your nest a winter bliss throughout these hibernation months. 

First – Warm Ambiance.

Burn a candle that is reminiscent of winter’s charm. Think earthy – pine, musk, sandalwood, amber and spice (we like Diptyque Feu de Bois, 212 872 8841). Cleverly place your new scent on a John Derian candle plate (212 872 8719)

Second – Upgrade Your Cozy Factor.

It’s a basic, but a new blanket will transform your living space and movie watching hours. We like the soft material of Sofia Cashmere‘s throws and the endless color options will allow you to alter the room’s mood (212 872 8998).

Third - A Steaming Cup.

You’ll need the right tea to make your evening elixir. Our BG blend flavors are perfectly invigorating for morning and soothing for night (212 872 2758). Combine with whiskey to create a relaxing hot toddy. Go further and add old school glamour and character with a rolling bar cart (212 872 2886). You’ll begin to wonder how you entertained without it. 

Eventually, we all have to leave the coop. As for the boys, our gentleman’s guide to hibernation will get you through the worst of the months. 

Need more apartment sprucing? 

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