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Cool Gifts: The Hostess

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There comes a time in all our lives when we must attend the ubiquitous hosted-at-home holiday party.  If you’re a New Yorker, the affair typically reaches a fever pitch in a kitchen the size of a non-New Yorker’s closet; if you’re a non-New Yorker, this becomes an opportunity to compare holiday lights and the sharing of rumors that Host X rented a generator for this year’s installation.  However, no matter who you are, you’re always confronted with the challenge of sorting out just what to give your celebrated hostess.

Traditional gifts hail from your local liquor or specialty store — perhaps it’s a vintage wine or truly delicious scotch… but this year let’s challenge ourselves to give beyond the bottle.

RABLAB COASTERS - Perfect for any recipient, these uniquely cut agate coasters are the perfect way to say I care about your furniture.  212 872 2866

CHATEAU D’ESTOUBLON OLIVE OIL - Any home cook will thank you for this giant bottle of olive oil.  Trust us.  212 872 8789

KELLY WEARSTLER BOTTLE OPENER – This incredibly chic bottle opener will add an entirely new dose of cool to your Corona. 212 872 8828

JOHN DERIAN VINTAGE HOTEL COLLECTION - Really there’s no better house warming, hostess or wedding gift than John Derian.  212 872 8719

FORNASETTI CANDLES - These lightly-scented candles will reassure your hostess that she is one chic cookie, and now she has some Fornasetti to prove it.  212 872 8841

D.PORTHAULT ZODIAC KERCHIEFS – Perfect for the Susan Miller enthusiast.  212 872 8998

MRS STRONG STATIONERY DESK CALENDAR  – You know that friend with the gorgeously-enviable home office? This is for them.  212 872 2809

MONICA RICH KOSANN JOURNALS – A cheeky way to reminder your friend just what they’re thinking. 212 872 2758

BEAUTY AT HOME BY AERIN LAUDER – A positively gorgeous book that will warm any home.  212 872 2570

CORAVIN WINE ACCESS SYSTEM - This is a very official-sounding gizmo that lets one tap into their favorite bottle of wine without ever removing the cork.  online only

NEST HOLIDAY CANDLE - Let’s be honest: the holiday season isn’t complete until Nest’s Holiday candle’s been lit. 212 872 2769

MICHAEL STORRINGS ORNAMENT - Ornaments are a charming gift to give those with a tree.  Michael Storrings commemorates our favorite store. 212 872 8872

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