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Clutch Girl: our favorite clutches of the season

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A New Yorker’s style evolves from necessity: this is a city of pedestrians and train commuters, of transitioning from day-to-night without a moment to spare.  Layering is our truest art.

Taking it to the next step is the New York woman’s handbag.  Easily weighing between 5-10lbs, a New Yorker’s bag easily can house everything from a laptop and snack to a spare pair of shoes.  Her bag is her life-source – her portable office and apartment when when days stretch from dawn until midnight.  Her shoulders may ache, but she’s always prepared, no matter what.


So what happens when our heavy toter transitions to Clutch Girl? What are the best clutches for our messenger carrier to carry? And is it possible for this maximalist to turn minimalist?


*click through the album on the right to see our favorite clutches of the season*


The answer is yes.


And here’s how you too can become an easy, breezy clutch girl in just a few simple steps:


    1. Reconsider what’s inside - do you really need three mascaras, two mobile chargers and Fashion City Survival kit at all times?  Truth is, you probably only need half of what’s inside – pull it all out & keep what’s necessary.


    1. Take Baby Steps - a clutch does not minauderie make.  So if you’re considering the clutch conversion, start with something bigger like Bottega Veneta’s Woven Snakeskin/Cervo Clutch Bag or an Alexander McQueen De-Manta style before stocking up on the teeny-tinys.  Some clutches are large enough to hold your wallet, iPad & sunnies.


    1. Think Day - Surprise! Clutches aren’t just for night; opt for a larger size with a thin messenger strap for day then conceal it in your interior pocket when you go out at night.


    1. Think Night – As New York’s days get shorter and our night’s evolve into a glittering stream of champagne toasts and kiss kiss on the cheek, our wardrobe naturally darkens in hue.  Add spark to your look with a candy-colored clutch for instant energy and sophistication.


Want to become a clutch girl?
Save the date for these accessories events:
Bottega Veneta:
Knot Clutch retrospective. November 15 and November 16. 212 872 2555
Nancy Gonzalez
Candy Handbag Event. December 6 and December 7.
212 872 8820

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