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Closet Considered: 222 Park Avenue

Bergdorf Goodman's Todd Okerstrom considers Douglas Elliman's best New York City closets

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This is not your standard closet.  First, for New York this is an exceptionally large closet that in other parts of town could be considered a bedroom.  Second, its round shape lends to a certain challenge in terms of organization.  While this gentlemen has maintained a tidy affair, I do have a few tips for him to consider:

1.  Unless you’re a flight attendant or frequent traveler, store your luggage off-site.  This will eliminate wasted space.

2.  Separate your sports jackets from your suits, then arrange from lightest color to darkest.  Repeat with your suits.

3. Sort your jeans and casual trousers from dress slacks (repeating the light-to-dark trick), followed by dress slacks so they’re adjacent to your sports jackets.

4.  Sort your dress shoes from your more casual and athletic shoes, then organize shoes by color (browns with browns, blacks with blacks, etc)

5.  When organizing your shoes, alternate the individual pairs so one half faces in and the other facing out.  This will allow you to see a full set while still saving space.

— Todd Okerstrom

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