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Charmed: Annina Vogel’s Stars

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From the moment that Halley’s Comet shot through the cosmos, Victorians harnessed the Star as a gesture of sentimental love.  As a light in the darkness, stars have entranced onlookers for centuries and the diamonds themselves work perfectly to show the shine of the star but also symbolize longevity and strength already seen in the stars themselves.  Stars are symbols of light in the darkness, hope, the highest point man can reach. Sparkling, brilliant and mysterious… a perfect shape for jewelry.

Victorians did not see jewelry as mere decorative objects — they were vehicles to convey symbolic messages from the giver to the wearer.  This glorious rose cut diamond starburst is loaded with meaning as it was from the era that already saw the night sky as a beautiful romantic mystery to be explored.  For the same reason that cat’s claws and scarab beetles were an exotic reminder of the Victorian explorers; the star also became popular because at the time Victorian astrologers were making leaps and bounds in their knowledge of the Universe.  Stars and moons in jewelery were partly inspired by how far humans had come and how much we were discovering about the solar system.