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Spring Refresh with Chantecaille

Presenting our latest beauty favorites from Chantecaille!

2 22 2011

Sunshine and new arrivals have put us in a springtime state of mind this week… which is why we love the latest from Chantecaille.  Whether it’s through a rosy scent or blending beauty with philanthropy, here’s what’s keeping us bright & smiling on this freezing cold day.














Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette  212 872 2725Sea Turtle Palette
The latest in their charitable series, Chantecaille’s Sea Turtle Palette imparts the golden warmth of Spring’s neutrals complimented by a deep-sea green eye-defining shade.  With three eye shades and a bronzy-rose cheek shade, the palette continues Chantecaille’s mission to support marine wildlife through their contributions to The Wide Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network.
Another bonus?  Its slim shape provides just the right mix of color to create a perfectly natural transition from day to night.
$79, 212 872 2725

Chantecaille Rosewater, 212 872 2725Rosewater
Perfect for an afternoon office rescue (particularly on those days when you simply cannot stop the race).  Our Live Beauty Chat Girls like keeping a bottle of Chantecaille’s Rosewater next to their desktops because, with a simple spritz and desk chair recline, they’ve temporarily transported into a mini-spa universe.  And we must admit: we’ve taken to this purifying trick, too.  The secret is misting our dry complexion with the 99% pure rosewater — not only have we mentally travelled to the Artesian wells where the Rose de Mai petals are distilled, we’ve counteracted the electro-magnetic office air.  Another bonus? Rosewater’s antibacterial and antioxidant components heal our tired, parched skin.
$56, 212 872 2725

Chantecaille Hydra Chic Lipstick, 212 872 2725
Hydra Chic Lipstick

Already a fan of Chantecaille’s Brilliant Gloss (Crystalline for every day; Magic for when we’re feeling flirty), we’ve recently become smitten with Hydra Chic Lipstick.  With natural extracts like papaya and orchid, this chic lippie softens your lips and provides antioxidant, anti-aging protection; plus, it smells super good.  With shades inspired by water flowers, we love how Tiger Lily stands against an all-white Ready-to-Wear look… but we’re also keen for the softer shades of Water Lily and Canna.  Delivering a matte color with satin finish, its texture melts into your lips — comforting and hydrating them… while staying put for six hours.  Now that’s something to smile about.
$30, 212 872 2725

Introducing the Sea Turtle Palette.
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Alex Chantecaille
during a Live Beauty Chat
Thursday, March 10

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