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Camilla’s Kaftans: the ultimate poolside gown

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Let’s take a moment to applaud the brilliance and beauty of a kaftan.  So simple in structure (loose, flowing and form free in that deliciously romantic sort of way), kaftans are better known for their comfort and breeziness than their ability to make a style statement.  And yes, while your kaftan familiarity may be via art history cameos (see: first Mughal Emperor Babur or perhaps even the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent), today we would like to take a moment to admire the artistry of Australian designer* Camilla Franks.

First, it must be noted that a Camilla’s Kaftan on the hanger is not the same as a Camilla’s Kaftan in motion.  This is a kaftan that comes to life, manifesting all of the surrounding light and spirit, reflecting it via hundreds and hundreds of glittering Swarovski crystals (in fact, it’s no surprise that Camilla herself has a theater background).  I remember the first time I saw a fleet of Camilla’s Kaftans in motion — I had connected with the designer and team at the Soho Grand one summer night after her store appearance last July.  Suddenly the air shifted, as if truly affected by the raffle-dazzle alchemy a Camilla’s kaftan creates.  Almost lighter than air, the kaftans danced breezily around its wearer, as if floating in its own glamorous universe.  And then it struck me: I had to be a part of this universe**.

*click through to see Camilla’s Kaftans at the Montauk Beach House*

Part of what makes a Camilla’s kaftan so unique is its mix-mastery of digitized prints.  This fall season Camilla reinterpreted great tales of Greek mythology, transcribing them upon silk chiffon.  Here is Hecuba’s daughter, Cassandra Princess of Troy, cursed for her love of Apollo.  Skip to our leggy Amazon huntress, so brave, so wild and free.

Because to wear Camilla’s is wear a story, to celebrate life, culture and adventure.  A Camilla’s girl is one who jets to the crystalline waters of Atlantis, packing just a gown (or two) and her bikini.  She’s the one dancing under starlight, the one you wished you could be.  So let’s raise a glass to the summertime warriors — those brave enough to dare wear color in a New York City sea of black.

Camilla’s Kaftans are available in-store only; styles and prints may slightly differ from those shown. Call 212 872 2875 for more details.


* It must be noted that Oz is having quite the fashion coup right now. You must look it up immediately.

** And yes:  I did purchase my own kaftan.  It’s a drawstring dress that can be worn twelve different ways. So far I’ve tried two styles.  Also. I’ve come to discover that a simple string is perfect for giving your kaftan a shorter, overly dramatic blouson effect.