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Twenty Years with Bobbi Brown

A reason to celebrate

12 8 2011

A lot can happen in twenty years. If you’re celebrated Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown, you go from a modestly appointed department store counter with ten signature shades of lipstick to a thriving cosmetic empire with products sold in over 1000 stores and 56 countries worldwide. But before there were 1000 stores, there was only one — Bergdorf Goodman. In 1991 we launched Bobbi Brown. At that time, the line consisted of ten richly pigmented lipsticks designed to universally flatter all complexions — a perfect lip tone mimicking “nude” for every woman. Sure, in 2011 this might strike the beauty world as a no-brainer, but as a keyword: “90′s makeup” Google search will reveal, “nude” was a bit of an anomaly back then. In its place, saturated matte lips, contoured cheeks, and heavily shadowed eyes reigned supreme. Bobbi Brown smartly zeroed in on the need for nude…and her ten lip shades were born.  And apparently, Bobbi’s nude “Aha! moment” was spot on — in 1991, for opening day at Bergdorf Goodman, Bobbi Brown sold 100 tubes of her beautiful hues. The rest, as they say, is her-story.

(the ten original shades)

In celebration of twenty incredible years with Bergdorf Goodman, Bobbi returned to the scene of the launch and graced the Beauty Level with a hands-on Master Class. With iPhone in hand, we nestled quietly into a corner and jotted every single tip, makeup trick, and nugget of advice Bobbi offered:

Bobbi’s Workstation

Above, Bobbi describes the size of her first modest set-up at Bergdorf Goodman back in 1991. It was teeny, but look at her now!

On skincare:

Skincare is the first thing a woman can do to look beautiful. Before makeup is applied, proper skincare can instantly freshen the face. When Bobbi looks at a woman’s face, she first notices the skin — not the makeup. Within her skincare line, hydration is a major focus. Bobbi spoke to the layering of moisturizer to suit your skin, but if she had to choose just one moisturizing product, it would be her Extra Soothing Balm (212 872 2681). It immediately smooths and visibly hydrates skin.

Do your tired eyes need a boost?

Bobbi shares this gem:

Hydrating Eye CreamCorrector + a little more Hydrating Eye Cream = Fresh eyes in an instant!

On Foundation (or as Bobbi calls it, “SPANX for your face”):

Bobbi expands on her SPANX reference by explaining – If you could look exponentially better by applying a swipe of this and a layer of that, wouldn’t you do it? Bobbi calls foundation and color correction (the act of counter-acting redness & blotchy patches) ”the secret of the universe”.  By starting with a product like Creamy Concealer Kit, you may find that you don’t need foundation at all. Perhaps a quick brightening of dark circles and light coverage of redness is enough to get you going. If you evaluate your face and still see slight imperfections like blemishes and uneven tone, follow up with the appropriate foundation.

On Bronzer:

Bobbi recommends (strategically placed) Bronzer for 95% of women. A light dusting over the areas where sun naturally hits the face is all you need. Finish the look by adding contrast and vibrancy with a sheer burst of color on the apples of cheeks.

Finishing Tip:

This may have been our favorite tip of the morning — After all makeup application is said and done, use both hands to warm the face. This gives a final blend of products. And as part of this final “touch”, your skin should feel like, well, skin. If you feel the makeup settled on your skin, press a bit more and blot away the excess if needed.



On Lips:


Bobbi’s number one selling shade is Brownie — a mauvey brown that works well for a wide range of complexions.

Multi Purpose Products:

Well, hello Mahogany eyeshadow. We had no idea you were so versatile — Bobbi loves the shade for filing in brows, touching up overgrown roots, and mixed with petroleum jelly for dark lips (during Fashion Week).


Party like it’s 1991 and celebrate the 10 original lip shades that sparked the Bobbi Brown makeup revolution. Destined to reach collector’s status, Bobbi Brown’s 20th Anniversary Lip Palette also features 10 new, too-cool-for-school lip shades that can be worn alone or blended together to expand your lip wardrobe options. The limited edition palette is on counter now…but our Beauty Girls predict that they won’t last long.

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Creamy Concealer Kit

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Hydrating Eye Cream