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#BGTutorial: Making Waves

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Let’s admit it, ladies! We have this thing for wanting what we don’t have. Take for example — hair. Curly girls always envy straight. And straight-haired girls long for the texture and volume of curly. For curly girls, straight hair envy is easily remedied with a good blowout. In a matter of 30-45 minutes (depending on length) hair goes from springy curls to smooth and sleek. And returning to your original curly state requires little more than a quick wash. But what about straight girls who want to take a walk on the wavy side? Well, certainly semi-permanent salon services are an option. . . .but the reversal process requires a lengthy growing out period. . . & who has time for that? Well, we have a solution — with the help of a little styling product, a few scattered braids, and a handheld blow dryer, we show you how to go from pin straight to wavy in no time at all.

Supplies: Leave in Conditioner (we like one part Serge Normant Meta Velour Conditioner mixed with two parts water in a spray bottle) — handheld blow dryer with concentration nozzle

1. Start with dry hair.

2. Begin with a small amount of Leave In Conditioner…the amount will vary based on hair length. You want just enough product to make hair slightly damp, but you don’t want it saturated.

3. If your hair is on the dry side, apply a moisturizing shine product like Kiehls Since 1851 Silk Groom Serum.

4. Part hair where you want your hair styled….either middle part or side part.

5. Begin creating your braids. Do roughly 6-8 braids all over. They need not be perfect or precise. You don’t need a comb to part…just grab sections of hair and start braiding. Secure ends with a bobby-pin if needed.

6. For drying your hair, you have two options: 1) Say night night and sleep with your braids…they’ll be dry by morning. Or, 2) Use a blow dryer to dry each braid.

7. Since the braids are slightly damp and not saturated, drying time will be relatively short. You’ll need about two minutes per braid. Set the dryer to medium heat and direct the nozzle toward the braid. Run the nozzle up and down the braid until dry. Repeat until all braids are dry.

8. Before undoing braids, rub a few more drops of Kiehls Since 1851 Silk Groom Serum to pal,s of hands. This helps eliminate frizzw hile unravelling the braids.

9. Once unraveled, tease hair a bit at the roots to work the volume.

10. Style as desired and voila, Waves!

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