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BGs Best in Show: Rommel & Whiskey of Badgley Mischka

9 7 2011

BGs Best in Show: Rommel & Whiskey of Badgley Mishka

Returning to the catwalk for the second year, Whiskey & Rommel are confident that they’ll win BGs Best in Show yet again

1. Welcome back, you two!! How are we doing this afternoon?
Rommel: Good. Just about – (Whiskey interrupts)
Whiskey: Excuse me, do you have a treat? I was told there would be treats here. James promised us that you would have treats.  I’m quite particular.

2. Yes, treats all around! But first, let’s get down to the nitty gritty… This is not your first year to walk BGs Best in Show, is it….
R: We only won BGs Best in Show!! Fred & Ginger stole the spotlight. It was a night to remember… everyone was left speechless… (Whiskey interrupts again)
W: AND I, wore feathers. And boas. And sparkle. It was glamour. It was magic.  It shall be outdone tomorrow. 

3. Amazing! We can’t wait to see what you guys bring to the table this year. Can you give us any kind of a hint?
W: We will not disappoint.  Imagine glitz. Imagine romance. Imagine the very best of cinema and beyond.  It will stop your heart. We’ve got a new theme for this year: More is better. We’re looking to take this prize home again.  Speaking of… where’s that treat you promised?
R: Yes. We’re quite hungry, and James doesn’t ever lie to us.

4. Patience… treats are coming! So now tell us.. Where do you guys enjoy walking, and socializing with other pups? Any dog parks?
R: Dog parks? There are quite a few. We can never decide.  First Mark suggests a place and Whiskey gets very excited, then James comes up with a different park.  But there aren’t enough birds to chase.  New York is quite confusing you know… 
W: Oh don’t be silly, Rommel. You know I’m quite particular when it comes to shaking my tail.  Take me to Greenwich Village or take me home. I’m sometimes keen for a sun soak in Battery Park but those are few and far between.  And I quite like strolling through the Fourth Floor; Todd in Personal Shopping will scratch my ears and talk to me in Funny Human Voice which always makes me feel special.

5. Alright you two…  it’s almost treat time.  Final question: if you win again this year, what will you do?
W: First we will run laps around the other dogs and bark Second Time’s a Charm, Darlings!!! Naturally our handlers will be there to escort us to a room in personal shopping that I’ve secretly secured through Tina.  There will be champagne. There will be pate.  And prosciutto. And sweet potato chips. And teeny-tiny tennis balls that fit easily in our mouths.
R: Oh Whiskey and your wild imagination.  It will be just like last year: Mark and James will scoop us up and steal us away to the studio where we will fall asleep in a grand pile of  fabric swatches while the rest of the team makes finishing touches on the Spring Collection. Then sometime around 2am Whiskey will jolt wide awake after a particularly engrossing costume-filled dream and become very upset that we are not actual super stars.  Ok.  I’m ready for my treat now. And then, if you could, I need to go outside.

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