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BGs Best in Show: Muppet of Bibhu Mohapatra

9 6 2011

Muppet of Bibhu Mohapatra

1. Hi Muppet.  You know you’ve been stirring up quite the controversy today…
It happens.  I mean, look at me: I’m adorable.

2. True. You’re quite the looker…
To say the least. Earlier Bibhu tweeted this picture of me and everyone went nuts!  NUTS!!!  Just wait, judges: you think you’ve seen cute… but you haven’t met the MUPPET.  Ladies, prepare to have your heart melt.  Oh, and Thyme? I’ve got my eye on you….

3. We’ll alert the medics.  So can you reveal anything about your costume?
Really?! Are you crazy?  I’ve been reading what these other dogs are wearing… Figured it would give me an edge, you know?  But Bibhu was all Nooo… Muppet. You have to play fair… Those interviews aren’t for dogs… Don’t tell anyone but I looked.  And you know what? I got it all sorted it out: Pebbles is all Queen Elizabeth floating on a cloud of feathers! And Bean’s all Exclamation Points Altuzarra!!!!!!!!!  Lou Lou seems to have it all mapped out… I mean, L’Cage Aux Folles is hard-core stuff.  And Coco’s wearing Wes Gordon bespoke!?! Geez. So I decided to be strategic and follow Chaser’s strategy.

4. Which is….?
An air of mystery.

5. Got it.  So when it comes to dog parks…
Hey – sorry to interrupt & all. But I have a very important question to ask you.

6. Which is….?
Will you scratch my tummy? Yeah. Right there. Oooh. That’s the spot.

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