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BG’s Best in Show: Lela’s Stitch

Meet Stitch of Lela Rose!

8 29 2011


Stitch is no stranger to Fashion’s Night Out… in fact, just last year this little pup wore a sneak peek of Lela Rose’s Spring 2011 Collection.  Today we met with this catwalk contender to talk costumes, dog parks and more. 

1) Good to see you again, Stitch!  Now this isn’t your first time to walk BG’s catwalk, is it?
No, no… last I saw you I was shakin’ my tail September 2010! That was a night I’ll never forget!

2) Care to share what you wore?
It was a coat crafted from the fabric of Lela’s Spring 2011 Collection; my leash was made from crocheted paracord and chain.  It was very Chanel meets mountain-man.

3) It was a distinguished combination. So what’s inspiration for this year? 
Feeling arty this year… think Jeff Koons’ Puppy.

4) Have you been inspired by all of the oversized art we’ve been seeing around the City?  What’s your favorite NYC dog park?
I don’t park… my TriBeCa stoop is all good.  After all, I am 11!

5) Well you don’t look a day over 4!  Any big celebration plans if you win this year’s Best in Show?
I believe that I’ll help myself to an extra serving of beef tartare!

Lela & Stitch, FNO 2010Lela & Stitch, Fashion’s Night Out 2010

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