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BGs Best in Show: Alexandra Vidal’s Pebbles

9 6 2011

Pebbles of Alexandra Vidal

1. Pebbles!  Thanks for joining us this rainy afternoon! You know we love it when the Daschunds visit… It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
You know it.  Last visit was total madness.  FNO-2010, BGs Best in Show: I owned the catwalk.  So watch out dogs, Pepples is back.

2. Uh oh…. Care to share what you wore last year?
Obviously. Alexandra Vidal. Corset harness dress with black and white guinea hen feathers, my skirt was black ostrich plumes.  My headpiece was feathered, too; because, you know, birds are my favorite thing to chase. Feathers were everywhere; I practically was flying; it was fantastic.

3. Really… now that’s interesting…any particular bird in general?
Pigeons mostly.  But sometimes I like to give Pale Male a good yap.  It’s good to remind him who’s boss.

4.  Back to BGs Best in Show.  Can you share what you’re wearing this year?
The competition is fierce this year, and I’ve got to be crowned queen of the catwalk.  So I will be transformed into an Elizabethan Queen.  Think Alexandra Vidal, Renaissance-style.

5. Can we expect to see feathers on this year’s look?
Helllllo! You know I can’t reveal that information.  I know for a fact that (Bibhu Mohapatra’s) Muppet is reading these interviews – he keeps quoting Chaser’s and Lou Lou’s answers like it’s the funniest thing in the world.  I mean, we got it! Chaser basically runs Bergdorf Goodman. Don’t need to remind me at the Dog Park, Mupp. And for that matter, Bibhu isn’t going to let you join Lou Lou’s L’Cage Aux Folles, either.

6. Speaking of dog parks… which is your favorite?
When it comes to chasing birds, Central Park.  I mean, you can get lost in The Rambler.  It’s, like, hard core.

7.  Final question: what will you do if you win BGs Best in Show?
Probably just run around in circles.  I try to be cool, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Don’t tell anyone, k?

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