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NuFace: a High-Tech Lift

Guest Blogger Felicia tests the latest in microcurrent technology

1 25 2011

NuFACE System Kit, $325 212 872 8630Resolve to reduce facial sag with NuFACE. The hand-held facial toning device uses microcurrent technology to provide instant lift and a more sculpted appearance.


“Microcurrent” technology?…Wowser! This kind of high-tech anti-aging device is definitely a first for this wrinkle fighting Beauty Girl. Generally, I am game for absolutely anything that promises to preserve my girlish looks, so I had a ball testing out this little doo-hickey! Microcurrent technology is effective in improving facial circulation so this helps to explain how Nu FACE can make skin appear more sculpted and lifted. By improving lymphatic drainage, skin appears more balanced and youthful. In my tinkering with Nu FACE, I’ve noticed the greatest improvement around my eyes. I tend to have rather puffy/hooded eyelids and Nu FACE has helped to lift my eye area. My brow no longer seems as heavy or weighty. If you believe in the power of lymphatic drainage (me, me me!), I highly recommend giving this product a whirl!









NuFace System Kit
Lifts, tones and contours facial muscles with the same anti-aging microcurrent technology used by professionals, taking years off the face with every five-minute treatment.
$325, Beauty Level
212 872 8630








Erno Lazlo Blue Firmarine, $90 212 872 8857
BG Beauty Girl Tip:

Need a quick fix? Try Erno Lazlo’s Blue Firmarine Eye Therapy. Its key ingredient gives an instant energy boost while other nourishing elements firm & lift the delicate skin around your eyes.
212 872 8857



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