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Crystalift: Resurface & Start Fresh

Guest Blogger Felicia tests Clarisonic's Opal Sonic Infusion System

1 21 2011

Crystalift Resurfacing System 212 872 8630Proper daily skin care is a common topic. Most women have come to establish a basic beauty routine that consists of 1) Cleanse 2) Tone 3) Treat 4) Protect.


However, many of us (yes, I am looking at you!) fall short when it comes to incorporating regularly scheduled skin renewal treatments. While a solid day-to-day skin care routine is imperative, regular intensive treatments are crucial to renewing and restoring skin’s tone, texture, and luminosity. Creams, serums, lotions and potions are most effective when skin is regularly and properly exfoliated because congestion caused by the build up of dead skin cells prevent products from penetrating and effectively doing their job.

Crystalift is a revolutionary at-home micro-dermabrasion system that gently lifts away old, damaged skin cells allowing supple, fresh skin to emerge. Crystalift is also effective in smoothing the appearance of facial creasing and age spots.



In my product trial of Crystalift, I saw vast improvement in the clarity of my skin tone and overall texture. I am particularly impressed with the product’s ability to help reduce the size of the pores on my cheeks. My theory is that with once a week Crystalift treatments, skin has the opportunity to start fresh and products are able to work deeply for maximum efficacy. Thanks to Crystalift, subtle, smooth, youthful-looking skin is mine…and it can be yours!







Resurfacing System

Erase the years as microcrystals resurface the skin and vacuum therapy stimulates and lifts its supporting structure to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pores and brown spots for a younger, radiant glow.
$199, Beauty Level
212 872 8630








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