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Clarisonic Plus: Beyond Cleansing

Guest Blogger Felicia discovers the secret to silky-smooth, radiant skin

1 27 2011

Clarisonic Plus, $225 212 872 8630

I cannot say enough good things about Clarisonic PLUS. It’s one of those rare beauty tools that comes along every once in a while and totally changes EVERYTHING. Once you have experienced sonic cleansing, all other methods will seem inferior. Developed using the same technology as the Sonicare® toothbrush, Clarisonic PLUS delivers unparalleled results.

For starters, Clarisonic PLUS is twice as effective as manual cleansing. This brush removes what your washcloth leaves behind. Makeup wearers, this brush is especially for you. Clarisonic PLUS removes six times more makeup than manual cleansing. When skin is properly cleansed, you increase the absorption levels of your skincare products, thus getting the most out of your serums and moisturizers. Based on independent studies, Clarisonic reports that after using the sonic-powered brush, skin has 61% greater absorption of Vitamin C. This practically guarantees smoother, youthful skin!

While the soft vibration of the Clarisonic PLUS brush head is gentle enough for daily use, I prefer to I limit my use of the face brush to once per day, as to not over stimulate my acneic skin. As for the body brush, I indulge and treat myself to twice a day spa-like treatments with no signs of irritation. In fact, over time my body experiences fewer dry patches and improved textured in areas that are usually parched. Clarisonic PLUS also makes for a wonderful exfoliation treatment before applying self tanner. This is a phenomenal multi-use beauty tool that proves its value every single day!


Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing System
Go beyond cleansing with sonic technology that gently yet deeply cleanses pores of environmental toxins, makeup and bacteria without abrasion or harsh chemicals.
$225, Beauty Level
212 872 8630

Clarisonic Opal, $245 212 872 8630
BG Beauty Girl Tip:

Join the Clarisonic movement with Opal! It’s soothing micromassage action infuses anti-aging sea serum to refresh & renew your delicate under-eye area. Learn more about it in Felicia’s guest blog post, Clarisonic Bright Eyes!
212 872 8630

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