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BG Tutorial: Smoky eyes

Learn our tricks behind the smoldering smoky eye

2 22 2011

Do you know the secret of the smoky eye? It’s all about dimension.

Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscopeLe Metier de Beaute liner in sequoialiquid linereye brightening/setting powdermascara • lash curler • eye sweepangle eye shadow brusheyelining brush











1.) Apply Le Metier de Beaute liner in sequoia to your top lid. Smudge from crease to lash line. This liner will be your base. The nylon within it will hold the shadow layers and be the backing to your smoky eye.

2.) Apply the lighter (top) color in the kaleidoscope to brighten your lid.

3.) Apply the second color immediately on top of the first one to give dimension.

4.) Add the third color - it’s a warm color which is the MOST important part of the smoky eye.

This is how it looks so far.

5.) Apply the final shadow. Begin at lash line, then blend up to add depth.

6.) Apply Le Metier de Beaute eye brightening and setting powder from your crease to your brow line, fanning up.

7.) Press into your top lash line with Le Metier de Beaute’s liquid liner (it’s THE liquid liner to use).

8.) Using the same pencil as before, apply liner to lower lash line and inner rim. Make sure to sharpen the tip to avoid germs. (Tip: Le Metier de Beaute’s eye liner is made specifically with the lower rim in mind – it has no kohl in it so there is no smudging. Plus it’s super soft.)

9.) Tap your eyeliner/flat brush into all four colors of the kaleidoscope and dust onto lower lashes. The blending of all four colors on your lower lashes majorly accentuates the smoky effect.

10.) Tap your angled eye brush into top/lightest color and apply to the inner corner of your eyes.

11.) Curl your lashes and apply mascara. (I recently become obsessed with YSL’s faux cils)

12.) Clean up excessive smudgies. apply/concealer foundation as usual.

13.) Apply blush. (Tip from Dustin: make a fist & look at your knuckles. That’s the color your blush should be)

14) Since your eyes are major, keep your lippies natural.

If hair was bunned in a pencil, pull it out for maximum smoulder. And voila!

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