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BG Tutorial: Hair Raising

On achieving Chanel's big tease

5 18 2011

5 18 11

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Inspired by the models’ looks from today’s Chanel luncheon, we set off to learn just how to achieve the wispy coiffe.


Here’s how to do it:


1. Take a one inch section from the front of your hair and smooth out with round bristle brush.

2. Gather hair at top of head in pony tail. The best way to do this is flip your head over, brush from nape of neck up toward forehead. Use some soft wax for hold – we recommend John Barrett Be Hold. But, leave out the front 1 inch of hair that you smoothed out. Secure ponytail with a tight hairband.

3. Pull ponytail through donut ring. Secure the donut ring to your head with a bobby pin on either side.

4. Divide ponytail into 3 sections. tease each section and mist each section with a light mist spray – we recommend Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer. pull the sections forward and braid loosely about 1 inch from the donut. Don’t smooth out teasing – you want to achieve a messy “undone” look.

5. Wrap braided ponytail around to cover donut ring, pinning with bobby pins to secure into place. There should be a bit of a “poof” created from the 1 inch of hair that wasn’t braided.

6. Gently pull out some of the hair of the braid to create a bit of a mess. It works best if you pull up from the braid – not out.You don’t want it to look like a braid anymore – you want the hair out enough to work with – but still secured by the braid.

7. It will start to create the shape you want as you pull the hair out. You can pin some of the hair into place to create a more refined “poof” shape.

8. Take the hair that was left out of the ponytail and with a deep side part, swoop over and tuck behind one ear. Leave a little bit on the other side out for a more romantic/whispy look.

9. Some of the pieces will fall out near the nape area – but this is good to create that whispy look.

10. Add your desired jeweled accessory!

Step 9


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Photographs courtesy Chanel
Sketches courtesy the John Barrett Salon


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