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BG Tutorial: Dark Circles

Revive tired looking eyes

5 16 2011

Bid dark circles a proper adieu with our foolproof tips for diffusing the appearance of under eye darkness and (achoo!) allergy induced shiners.


Dense formula concealer Concealer brush or finger Setting powder Small fluffy brush or powder puff

1. First, make sure the eye area is properly moisturized and all product is fully absorbed.

2. To camouflage the appearance of severe darkness, we recommend a densely packed cream formulation for maximum coverage.

3. Using either the tip of your ring finger or the tip of a concealer brush, warm up a bit of the concealer. Do this by making a few small circles in the concealer pot (if using a creamy pot of concealer). If using a liquid concealer, dispense a tiny drop onto the back of your hand and warm the product with the ring finger or concealer brush. This step helps to make the product more malleable and creates better adherence to skin.

4. Your first placement of product to skin will receive the heaviest deposit of coverage; so begin your concealer application at the darkest area. Once you have made your first placement of product, lightly tap outward to stretch the product over the entire under eye area. Generally, the darkest area is the inner most region of the under eye. Begin with the maximum amount of coverage in this area, and sheer out the coverage as you extend to areas that require less concealing. By following this method, you will create a natural gradation of coverage that is flawless and undetectable.

4. Blur the edges where concealed and non-concealed skin intersect. Using your ring finger or concealer brush, gently tap away any lines of demarcation.

5. To prevent your concealer from creeping, melting, or settling into fine lines (egad!), set concealer with a loose translucent powder, using a small powder puff or small fluffy brush. First tap a generous helping of powder over concealer. Don’t worry if the powder is visible. Next dust away excess powder and blend outwards.

6. Voila! Your secret is safe with us!

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