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BG Tutorial: Cat eyes

Create sexy cat eyes in a flash!

2 23 2011

Want to make the fellas purr?
Here’s a quick and easy way to create that cat-eye look without becoming a smudgy mess.

• nude shadow • Khol liner • concealer • Metier Beaute’s liquid liner







1.) Give your Khol pencil a nice, sharp tip. Then quickly dash it under the faucet.

2.) Hold up your top lashes and run the barely-damp Khol along the inner rim.

3.) Repeat on your bottom lashes. Personally, I like it smudgier and heavier on bottom with a focus on the corners.

4.) Switch to Le Metier de Beaute’s liquid liner. It’s easy to use and glides over lid like a very fine pen. If you dont have it, get it – it’s brilliant.

5.) Beginning at inner corner, glide tip along the lid, using your lash line as a guide.

6.) When you get about half-way across, slightly arch the pen mark up, so that the line is a bit thicker.

7.) Fill in any breaks of the line. When you get to outside corner of eye, slightly curve the tip up (it’s almost a flick).

8.) Depending on how pronounced you want it, repeat steps 6 and 7.

9.) Then, using a shadow brush (Bobbi Brown eye sweep is super easy to use), lightly dust your lid with nude shadow. (I like a dash of shimmer, so I barely sweep my lid with a pale pink).

10.) Curl your lashes. (Tip: Flash your curler under a hair dryer for a second or two to heat it up – lashes will curl better!)

11.) Thickly (but gingerly) apply mascara. I zigzag by my inner eye, and then flutter out as I move to exterior. (Tip: fake lashes make a major impact! If you’re comfortable with applying, do it.) Then repeat the top liner steps and another quick shadow sweep.

12.) Touch up smudges with a damp Q-tip and apply under eye concealer (I like ELLIS FAAS ‘ liquid pen concealer).

Once finished, meow!

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