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BG Stories: My First Red Sole

7 31 2012

Christian Louboutin Simple Pump

Photo: Christian Louboutin

I will never forget my first semester at LIM College, sitting in Fashion Forecasting class, obsessing over Professor Goldfine’s obsession with Bergdorf Goodman. There never was a day during which he didn’t mention the store on Fifth Avenue and 58th Street. It was the way he described it… a beautiful haven filled with only the best. I was completely fascinated (especially since I hadn’t been and wanted to wait until just the right moment to visit).

I worked two jobs that semester so that I could find the right opportunity to not only to step foot in this sanctuary but to also take home a little something in their lavender shopping bag. The moment arrived: I saved enough to buy my first black Christian Louboutin Simple Pump.

The whole experience was completely priceless.

Lauren Gallo


Bergdorf Goodman
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