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BG Beauty Review: Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

We test it out

3 23 2012

Brows are the unsung heroes of the face. – Bobbi Brown

Every beauty brand has its unique aesthetic – you know, that “thing” that makes it quintessentially it. Some are known for statement-making reds. . . others are known for pristine complexion….but all beauty brands have their “thing”.

So the introduction of Brow Kit by Bobbi Brown (212 872 2681) makes perfect sense. I mean, the “Bobbi Brown look” is all about full, polished, impeccable brows for every woman, at every age. . . as Bobbi believes that all brows benefit from added definition. In Bobbi’s book, Bobbi Brown Beauty: The Ultimate Beauty Resource, she dubs brows, “the face’s forgotten feature”. She further adds that a good set of brows have the power to:

* open the face so that less makeup is needed.

* minimize small set eyes.

* deliver the same effect as a surgical eye-lift. [Whoa! Say no more...SOLD!]

Our social gal (@bergdorfs) is our unofficial/ official “Office Queen of Brows” [she's so "Bobbi" with her healthy, full, enviable brows]. . . we had Office Queen of Brows, err, we mean @bergdorfs, play around with the Brow Kit in Mahogany and share her thoughts. Two features stood out for @bergdorfs: portable size & natural, clean finish. While our social gal favors well-defined brows, she also likes a believable, natural look. After layering a bit of shadow and getting her brows pretty dark, she brushed the color through from root to tip (with a spoolie – her own, this one) and finished with softly framed brows. She was pleased!

Our Beauty Editor, Felicia, gave the same Brow Kit [we're a close-knit group] a whirl. While Felicia is our unofficial/ official “Office Queen of Skin”, she admits that she’s sometimes a bit challenged in the brow department (sparse hairs) . . . making her a great candidate our Bobbi Brown Brow Kit trial. An all-day-sucker for smart packaging, Felicia fell hard for the dual mirrors — one regular mirror & one magnifying mirror. She’s also a fan of the brow powder, which comes in two tones, allowing for a quick mix of shades to brighten up or deepen brows to suit personal taste.

Each Brow Kit includes: Two shades to complement light or dark brows, a stiff angled brow brush for brow powder application, a double-sided mirror with a magnifying side, and mini tweezers. So much in this tiny little kit, right?!

Let our Bobbi Brown Beauty Experts help get your brows on the fast track to fabulous.

Arrange a consultation. Call: 212 872 2681

Did you know?. . . Bobbi Brown first launched at Bergdorf Goodman in 1991. True story!