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BG Beauty Video: Tonal Makeup

Set the Tone

Tonal makeup in neutral tones give complexion a fresh, healthy look. Though understated and void of obvious color, the look is a far cry from boring. Strategic placement of complexion-mimicking shades create harmonious contour, natural depth, and luminous highlight. Watch, as we show you how to master the look, with behind the scenes footage from our March magazine shoot:

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Want a printable version of today’s beauty lesson? Here you go:

1. Start by perfecting the complexion. Keep the look fresh by applying foundation only to areas where it’s needed.

2. With a shade slightly warmer than the complexion, create soft dimension on cheeks. Cream blush works best for dewy finish. If skin is more oily, stick with powder. Blend outwards.

3. Cancel out any under eye darkness. Pristine complexion is key in executing this look. Touch up minor imperfections.

4.  Define brows. This look does not rely on lots of color so well-groomed brows are needed to frame the look. Use a combination of brow pencil and a spooly to shape brow hairs. Brush the color through for a natural feel.

5. Softly wash lids in a muted tone with a hint of shimmer. Try shades of nude, beige, taupe, and mauve to recreate the look on far, tan, medium, and deep complexions respectively. Continue the shade under eye onto lower lash line. This brightens the eye. For added brightness, line with a clarifying pencil.

6. Treat lips with a moisturizing balm.

7. Dab a little foundation onto lips to neutralize uneven tone. Next, apply a sheer, nude gloss to lips.

8. Use mascara complete the look.

9. Voila! Tonal makeup success!

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