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Beauty Fear: Spider Lashes

How to avoid

6 3 2011

6 3 11








Long, wispy, fluttering lashes – Yes.

Clumpy, spikey, unnatural lashes – Absolutely not!

Stiff, scary, spider lashes are a major no-no in our beauty book. And because we realize there is a thin line (or a thin coat of mascara) between good and bad lashes, we are here to offer our best tips for avoiding the latter. Wink!

Choose wisely

Selecting the appropriate formulation is crucial. When possible, try to avoid extremely dense textures that are commonly found in volumizing mascaras. These formulas tend to have a thicker consistency and often clump easily. If volume is your goal, apply a single coat of lengthening mascara, and then follow up with a light second coat. Also, to give the appearance of fuller lashes, smudge a nearly invisible line of dark eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. This technique helps to darken the lash line and give the illusion of fuller, more voluminous lashes. If you prefer a volumizing formula, we like the non-clumping finish of Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Noir Radical (212 872 8654). With a single coat of coverage, the Triple Film-Complex coats each individual lash with intense volume, sans clumps.

One and done

If possible, resist the urge to layer your mascara. Our advice is to purchase the best mascara you can afford (one that separates and deposits rich color in an instant) and apply just one coat. Kevyn Aucoin The Mascara in Rich Pitch Black (212 872 8890) ranks high on our list of favorites because it delivers instant color impact, and the skinny mascara spooly helps to prevent clumps.

Out with the old

With daily use, mascara is constantly exposed to air and the formula begins to thicken, clump, and dry out…the perfect storm for spider lashes. So after a few months of use, toss your mascara and visit the Beauty Level for a fresh new tube. Want to try something brand new?  We highly recommend the recently launched Phtyo Ultra Stretch Mascara by Sisley (212 872 2563). As the title suggests, it stretches lashes and delivers unbelievable length. Our road test of Sisley Phyto Ultra Stretch Mascara left us flaunting and batting our eyes all day.

The fake out

If your heart desires, avoid mascara all together with subtle, believable falsies. Faux lashes are a great way to add volume and length to a sparse lash line. To keep falsies au naturale, opt for a lash length and density that closely mirror your natural hair. Steer clear of false lashes that extend greatly beyond the length of your own lashes and stick with a lash density that matches your natural hair. Faux lashes that are too long or too dense will appear heavy and out of place. Laura Mercier Center Faux Eyelash (212 872 2780) is our falsies quick fix because of the feminine, delicate lift the lash gives to the eyes.

A spare

Disposable mascara wands, available at most beauty supply stores, are great for lifting and separating lashes immediately after mascara has been applied.

Bottom line

We find spidery bottom lashes to be incredibly scary. Avoid this makeup mishap by going easy on the coverage of your bottom lashes. Bear in mind that bottoms need not look as voluminous as the top. Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara (212 872 2782) takes the guess work out of coating the bottom lash line. The teeny tiny brush is specially designed to coat bottoms without overdoing it.


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