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Out & About: A Night of Music

Hear the latest from Audrianna Cole!

3 9 2011

Audrianna Cole

Last night we ventured beyond our corner on Fifth Avenue to do as so many New Yorkers do: enjoy a spot of live music in the back room of a Williamsburg hideaway.

Brimming with hopeful talent, these cozy rooms are where so many familiar names got their first nudge into the spotlight. And last night’s spotlight was fixed on a singular — but familiar — voice: Audrianna Cole. Earlier this fall, back when the trees were toasted crimson and deep brown, our creative team came across the strong voice of a 17-year old from the Northwest when searching for the perfect song to complement our Holiday Windows Video.  We immediately were struck by her distinct sound: it was adventurous, upbeat and addictive — the kind that seeps in, gives you chills…and defines a specific moment.  So charmed by a particular tune, we eventually used it in the video and titled it after her song Follow Me. With its steady tempo and clever prose, Follow Me came to define our own holiday season and it’s cheerful tune giddily waltzed us throughout the store during the December’s final holiday rush.



Needless to say, we were more than delighted to discover that our favorite youthful voice was opening yesterday’s Night of Music at the Cameo Gallery.  So we hopped on the L-Train and made the brisk walk down 6th to the tiny Lovin’ Cup Cafe where the even smaller arts hub hides.  Playing a short acoustic set with Simon Hedman, Audrianna canvassed picks from her upcoming album as well as notable pieces from Bob Dylan and Amy Winehouse; she even charmed us with an acoustic version of the song featured in our holiday windows video, Follow Me. A talented musician (she plays both the guitar and xylophone), Audrianna strummed a series of songs that reminded us of what it felt like to be seventeen and dreaming about falling in love and dashing away on adventures.  A wordsmith in her own right, Audrianna has collaborated with some of Nashville’s most revered song writers to create lyrics that are venturesome, whimsical and deeply heartfelt.  Home schooled in order to care for her father who was injured in an accident, the sprightly teenager began nurturing her interest in music and guitar by collaborating with her dad and posting these recorded tracks on MySpace.  Four years later, this bright young star continues her musical adventures with preparations for her first album which will debut this fall.  Already immensely popular within the Bergdorf Goodman family, we cannot wait to watch Audrianna’s story progress.

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Audrianna Cole

In her Words: Audrianna shares her stories behind the songs

Lovely – Lovely first started out as an idea I wrote with my Dad before I brought it to Nashville and finished writing it with Jennifer Hanson and Marty Dodson. My dad inspired the Idea to play two chords and end it in
the word “lovely” haha. I suppose the story came from personal preferences on what I wanted to happen when I fall in love.

Hello – I wrote this with Michael Davey… He was playing this beautiful guitar riff, and I came up with this odd story out of nowhere about a kid on a bus…haha. I don’t ride the bus, nor has this ever happened to me!

Smile – The hook from smile that goes “put your tears in my pocket, and pull out a smile” came from a British woman on the radio, who was talking about a tragic event and she said that. So Stefan Skarbek and I decided to run with the beautiful line.

Rainbow – I first heard this idea from Stefan, and I was instantly in love with it. We eventually wrote the rest of it, and I felt like that was my chance to really sing about what I believe in. It’s basically metaphors for standing up to racism, money problems, gay rights and other important issues. I think it speaks to a lot of people in many different ways and can be taken however they want.

Follow me – The story of this song was inspired by a kid I met at a skating rink haha. I was talking in a british accent that night (like many other nights… I sometimes do it just for the fun of it) and skated up to him and told him he was cute in an accent haha. He thought I was from Britain and it was a joke. If you listen to the second verse, it says “Skate with me.. I’ll hold your hand. We’ll talk in accents with our toes in the sand”. So that’s basically what it’s about.

Shrug it off – I wrote this in LA with Scott Simons on a day that wasn’t so good for me. Nothing seemed to be going right, and I was just very grumpy haha. So I told scott my mood and we decided to let my frustration
out by writing it into a song. So we did! And not only can everyone relate to it, but it made me feel better to get it out. I can definitely say that song was inspired by my bad day.

Teenage Phase – This song started at 4am by me, I was messing around on the guitar and was thinking about what dumb stuff I did as a young teenager. The next day I showed it to my dad and it made him laugh… haha. It’s definitely something any teenager would relate to. :p

Secrets – I wrote this with Stefan in like a half hour while waiting for his engineer to put together a track real quick haha. Everyone has gone through a time where they’re secretly loving someone but they don’t know it, and I myself have too. It kinda just came out when I was playing around with a melody….I love this song.

Dance boy – I absolutely love this song. It’s so weird/happy/sad sounding. I was inspired by the waltzy piano sound, and ended up writing about school dances. The awkwardness of being the only two people on the dance floor not dancing and trying to break the ice. Which I’ve experienced all too many times in my high school dances…!

Heart Full of Rain – Though this song probably isn’t going on my album because it’s too country, I absolutely love it. It was written about an ex boyfriend I had JUST broken up with the day before I wrote it. It’s the
saddest song i’ve probably ever heard. And though I’m over it, every time I hear the song it makes me wanna cry!

Audrianna Cole

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Many thanks to Audrianna Cole, Chris Borchetta & No Pulp Music!!