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Ashley Pittman: Style for a Cause

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Every piece of Ashley Pittman jewelry comes with a story.

In the dry, rugged terrain just southeast of Nairobi, life is vastly different than ours.  Plagued by drought, school often is a child’s only source of clean, desalinated water and a mosquito bite can be fatal.  Within the past four years, this area of Kenya has lost all means of income and sustainability.  Power outages and water shortages are  a regular occurrence.  The nearest hospital is a two-day trek by foot.  Needless to say, life is difficult.

Enter Ashley Pittman. Applying skills gained during her previous life in private equity, Pittman created a line of jewelry that not only would employ the local community but benefit them through an associated foundation.  Not only is each piece of jewelry locally-sourced and crafted, 10% of all profits return to the community’s local Kathiani Primary School.  Through her foundation, Pittman has sponsored two additional teachers, as well as the construction of new classrooms, enabling the school to enroll up to 300 children from kindergarden through 8th grade.  In addition, the foundation helped open the Kamboo Dispensary, a clinic serving a population of over 4,000 people who previously had no access to basic healthcare.  It currently treats nearly 100 Malaria patients each month.

Through her bold career move, Pittman has helped a small pocket of the world live brighter, healthier lives.  Every time you purchase a piece of Ashley Pittman jewelry, you’re improving a child’s education or a patient’s ability to overcome Malaria. In addition to helping provide clean water and medical supplies, you’re helping local farmers and artisans recover from years of devastating drought to create a sustainable business — because every piece of Ashley Pittman jewelry is locally produced. Local tribes sell horn from their cows before a women’s co-op carves the pieces into the shapes you see in our jewelry cases. The fair-trade stones you see are mined in Africa and set by artisans in Nairobi.

So next time you consider adding a piece of jewelry to your collection, think Ashley Pittman — the positive effects go far beyond style.

Ashley Pittman is available on the Main Floor. Call 212 872 2518 for more details.