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Ana Maria’s Must-Have Fall Shoes

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BG Accessories Director Ana Maria Pimentel can boast that she has the most fun job within the BG family.  Seriously.  It’s her job to engage with shoes and handbags all day.  Of course there are more serious responsibilities like meeting designers, deciphering trends and decoding how we may want to accessorize next season; but, at the end of the day, her schedule is surrounded by all of our obsessions: shoes, handbags and accessories.

So, in honor of this week’s #BGObsessed event with Elle Accessories Director Maria Dueñas Jacobs, we asked Ana Maria to share her favorite Fall styles and trends.  So what’s on her mind?  Is she just as obsessed with Manolo Blahnik’s camo BB as Linda? Or perhaps she, like our 5F shoe buyer Nayla, has her eye on a pair of Givenchy skater sneakers.  Click through the album to discover Ana Maria’s favorite shoes this season.

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