Aerin Lauder’s 5 Fall Traditions

In celebration of her new book Beauty at Home, lifestyle guru and Aerin founder Aerin Lauder shares her favorite fall family traditions & tips with 5th/58th:

Football: For me, our family football game the Friday after Thanksgiving has become a tradition I look forward to almost as much as dinner the night before.  We all gather at my parents’ house for a friendly game before a lunch full of Thanksgiving leftovers.

Gold Accents: It’s fun to change from bright summery hues to something richer, and fall is the perfect time to use gold as an accent whenever possible.

Scented Candles: Changing scented candles to a more spicy and holiday scent is a great way to update a room for the season.  My new Fireside & Fir candle is a warm blend of fir balsam, black amber and white birch, perfect for the holidays (212 872 2777).

Deep Hued Table Settings: Fall calls for darker colors, so I like changing my dishes and napkins to deeper colors such as brown and dark blue.  It brings a sense of richness to a table.

Red: A touch of red, with flowers like peonies and dahlias or even adding berries, can make the home feel festive.  I decorate my apartment with lots of red during the holidays.

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