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Starstruck: Your May Horoscope

Your monthly horoscope from Amy Zerner and Monte Farber!


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ARIES: March 21 – April 19

This movie you’re in is an action packed adventure, it’s got you holding on to the edge of your seat, hyper-ventilating.  Breathe it all in deeply, but relax.  This movie is going to run for quite awhile yet.


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TAURUS: April 20 – May 20

This plot is familiar: “A” meets “B” – “A” loses “B”.  Time to create a new scenario, but don’t write the ending just yet.  Try making it up as you go along.  It’s a rare actor who does it in one take every time.


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GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

How about a silent movie – you’d do well to style yours that way for now.  It’s time to turn down your soundtrack and listen to your producer.  The answer you’re looking for will jump out of your screen.


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CANCER: June 21 – July 23

Sit back and enjoy the refreshments.  Prepare for a double feature. Get comfortable – time for some mindless entertainment; and, yes, it’s alright to be lazy awhile.  After all, you’ve paid your admission.


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LEO: July 23 – August 22

It’s a full-blown musical extravaganza – cast of thousands! But what part are you playing? You want the lead, but are you willing to go the distance?  Make up your mind (and your face, a little) and go for it!


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VIRGO: August 23 – September 22

An animated short subject – could this be you?  Fast-paced, colorful and ”funny”!  You might even get an award this month for originality. Each time we see you, we seem to notice something new and different.


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LIBRA: September 23 – October 22

You’re the star of this romantic comedy – the story is solid and you love all the character/actors.  It could be your longest running hit, everything’s working.  Concentrate on this script, not its sequel.


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SCORPIO: October 23 – November 21

You know those French Sex Farces?  Well, you don’t want your life to turn into one, so back up a bit.  One partner is all you can handle now, and if you think you have been keeping any secrets, think again.


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SAGITTARIUS: November 22 – December 21

A foreign art-film, only few are willing to work their brains the way you do, and they may miss the meaning.  If you think you can teach the critics a thing or two, you’re right. They should see Venice and live.


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CAPRICORN: December 22 – January 19

Intermission.  This intense drama you’ve been living has just about worn you out.  It was the slowest moving movie you’ve ever been in.  At least it wasn’t low-budget.  Time to stretch your legs and walk away.


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AQUARIUS: January 20 – February 18

Black and white is appropriate format for what you have to do.  You can direct your attention from one extreme to the other and no one will be confused by the coloration.  3-D glasses may only add a third dementia.

Bergdorf Goodman is proud to introduce our monthly series with designing and astrology duo Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.

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