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A Chat with Chantecaille

Alex Chantecaille shares her beauty favorites

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3 10 2011

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What are your 3 favorite products and why?
1. Hydra ChicsHydra Chics are modern lipsticks that give 6 hours of color wear. In addition, Hydra Chics are hydrating and provide anti-oxidant and anti-aging protection.
We have three new shades this Spring, Aster, Canna and Willow.

2. Sea Turtle Palette — The Sea Turtle palette is inspired the beauty of the green sea turtles. It combines three Eye Shades and one Cheek Shade that reflect the colors seen on the season’s runways. Most importantly, with every purchase of a Sea Turtle Palette, 5% of proceeds benefit WIDECAST, an organization dedicated to saving the endangered sea turtles.
3. Biodynamic Lifting Neck Cream — A part of the Titanium anti-aging skincare collection, it is focused on restoring and treating the delicate skin on the neck and décolletage, using powerful groundbreaking botanical ingredients. Biodynamic Lifting Neck Cream tightens the neck, defines the jaw line, reduces wrinkles and brightens skin.


What is your favorite new product for spring?
Biodynamic Lifting Serum, which is in-store in May, completes our Biodynamic line. It is an exciting product because not only does it lift and smooth wrinkles, but it also protects collagen and repairs. Clinical tests show a significant improvement in skin firmness and smoothness after four weeks of use.


What is your most unique product to the brand?
Eau de Rose de Mail, Pure Rosewater, is our signature product. Rose de Mai is harvested by hand in Grasse, France in the month of May; the petals are distilled in the morning with artesian well water to produce a soothing, healing and moisturizing rosewater spray. Rose de Mai is unique because it is completely water-soluble and transfers all of its healing properties to the water. Thus, Eau de Rose de Mail maintains a clear complexion, purifies, tones, hydrates and combats skin aging.


What do you see as the biggest break through in skincare over the next 3 years?
I see the use of plant-based stem cells as the biggest breakthrough in skincare over the next 3 years. We currently use Raspberry stem cells in our Biodynamic Lifting Serum, which ultimately protects collagen. They are extremely rich in bio-acceptable anti-oxidents and rich in GADD45, the gene of longevity, that repairs DNA damage. In addition, Raspberry stem cells protect the skin from free-radical inflammation. The Biodynamic Lifting Serum also uses BioNymph Tripeptide, which is the first peptidic sequence from a botanical source, the Nicotiana plant, which builds collagen and activates DNA repair.

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