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5F Friday: Charles Philip

4 13 2012

Each Friday we seem to find ourselves browsing sunny 5F for the latest looks to complete our weekend look.
It only made sense to turn our regular tradition into a regular date on 5th/58th.

This week’s focus? Charles Philip Shanghai

It’s no secret: we love a good heel.  Our legs look longer, we stand taller and, for some unexplainable reason, we tend to walk with the slightest little wiggle that at times can make the boys giggle.  But, as any New Yorker can attest (particularly those affronted with the subway’s ghastly podiatry adverts), we need to give our feet a break.  

Enter Charles Philip Shanghai.  New to 5F, these chic slippers are just about the most comfortable thing you’ll find.  I may even deign to say that they are a true delight to wear.  It must be something about the pillowy padding – because wearing these slippers truly are akin to walking on a mattress. Added bonus? When you get these kicks, they come with their own chic pillow to maintain the shoe’s shape. And, with a panoply of delightful prints and colors (think jolly stripes, inky florals, leopard spots and swingy colorblocked tassels), there’s a little something for all the gals in town.

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