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5F Fitness

11 9 2011

5F Fitness

I once had a yoga ball in my office, but it deflated after a stiletto punctured it.

Truth is, we in the BG offices aren’t the most athletically-minded.  In fact, most of us like to consider our pedestrian commute as part of our daily cardio-routine (actually, it seems that you are far more health-conscious than we are!).  We work long hours and rarely pause to refresh our minds or bodies.  I confess: a healthy diet day is one when we justify gummies as part of our fruity food group.  The fact of the matter is that many of us have adopted this unhealthy lifestyle.  Even I admit to it: I am incredibly, unapologetically unhealthy.  Really, if one of those nutritionists you see in the magazines were to break down my daily diet they would succumb to their own personal breakdown.  And, as we get older, lifestyle changes are more difficult to adopt.  But then I think to myself: if we can quickly adapt to all of the technological whiz-bangs that we eagerly wait in line to pick up, why can’t we begin taking tiny steps toward living healthfully?

Well that’s what we have in mind this Sunday during 5F Fitness.  It’s a single day devoted to health & wellness — with a very chic spin.  You see, ex-model health-advocate Heather Payne will be on the floor introducing her new collection of hip activewear.  And trust me: these looks will will inspire you to march straight to the gym for the next lesson in pilates (Ribbon Tail Ankle Legging) or bikram (Revel Mesh-Back Tee) or cycling (Warrior Hooded Jacket, obviously) or whatever.  Plus, you won’t seem like you’re aiming for the foursquare gym rat badge when you’re sporting Payne’s peek-a-boo Heroine Curvy top.  Yes, they’re basics. But they fit well. And they work with the lifestyle that so many of us already kind of, sort of know.

If activewear doesn’t suit your fit fancy, then we have a host of other wellness activities taking place on 5F that may pique your curiosity.  Both Kiehl’s and Chantecaille will be providing beauty consultations and sharing details about their nature-friendly beauty and skincare lines (are you familiar with Chantecaille’s commitment to helping endangered wildlife?).  Also, the talented twisters and plaiters from the John Barrett Braid Bar will be available to weave your locks into milkmaids or any other terrific twist you dream up (perfect for your afternoon gym-spin).  And, as an extra nod to healthy living, our friends from Blue Print Cleanse (yes: I confess to discovering them during the Dekalb Open Market and yes: we have discussed having a few of our girls report on the cleanse) will be on the floor to introduce you to their body-cleansing magic.

So while it’s not yet the new year, there’s still potential for a new shade of you… and the rest of us on 5F.  So why don’t we all take a few baby steps to living healthfully?

5F Fitness
Join us for an afternoon of renewal, wellness and beauty
Heather Payne presenting her contemporary activewear collection
Beauty consultants by Kiehl’s and Chantecaille
Blue Print Cleanse

John Barrett Braid Bar

Discover Heather’s Healthy NYC Secrets
See our our friends on Facebook stay fit!

Stay tuned for more healthy beauty updates about Chantecaille & Kiehl’s!

image courtesy PAYNE